Trump sues Twitter, Google and Facebook for “censorship”

Trump speaks in New Jersey

Trump speaks in New Jersey

Former US President Donald Trump has filed proceedings against tech giants Google, Twitter and Facebook, alleging he was a victim of censorship.

The class action proceedings also cover the CEOs of three companies.

Mr. Trump was suspended from his social account in January due to public security concerns following a riot in the Capitol, led by his supporters.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump called the proceeding “a very beautiful development for free speech.”

At a press conference from his golf resort in Bedminster, NJ, Mr. Trump opposed social media companies and Democrats who accused him of supporting false information.

“We are demanding the end of shadow bans, the suspension of silencing, and the suspension of blacklisting, expulsion, and cancellations that you are familiar with,” he said.

The proceedings require a court order to terminate the alleged censorship. “They can do it for anyone,” Trump added, if the president could be banned.

None of the nominated technology companies have yet responded to the proceedings filed in federal court in Florida.

Mr. Trump was later attended by a former Trump official who founded the non-profit America First Policy Institute.

The former president called the post banished from Twitter “the most affectionate sentence.”

According to TwitterThe tweet that led to Mr. Trump’s ban on “beautification of violence” came from January 8, two days after the riots in the capital. The riot followed his repetitive allegations without evidence that the election favored Joe Biden.

He said that the “great patriot” who voted for him had a “huge voice” and “will not be disrespected or mistreated in any form, form or form,” Joe Biden said in another post. He said he would not attend President Biden’s inauguration. ..

At the same time, on Wednesday, Mr. Trump’s Republican allies in Congress released a memo explaining their plans to “take on Big Tech.”

The agenda calls for an antitrust law to “dissolve” the company and amendments to a law known as Article 230.

Section 230, which Mr. Trump tried to abolish as president, ensures that companies such as Facebook and Twitter are not responsible for user posts. This gives the enterprise a “Platform” status instead of a “Publisher” status.

Mr. Trump criticized the law on Wednesday, saying, “This is a liability protection that no one has received in our history.”

He added that the law invalidates the company’s status as a private sector.

The proceedings have been criticized by legal experts who have pointed out Mr. Trump’s practice of filing proceedings to attract media attention but not actively defending court claims. Analysts have also questioned his allegations of infringement of free speech, as the company he accuses is protected by the same First Amendment in determining the content of the site.

Trump is having a hard time listening

Analysis Box by North American Technology Reporter James Clayton

Analysis Box by North American Technology Reporter James Clayton

Donald Trump’s social media quarrel was very effective.

His megaphone was removed and Trump sometimes had a hard time listening.

His plans for his own social media platform have so far been of no use.

The proceedings show how important a major social media company is to him, if necessary.

An important strategy for trumpism is to be able to bypass traditional media and talk directly to voters.

Facebook has proven to be of particular importance to Trump-with the click of a button and access to millions of Americans.

Experts believe that the proceedings are unlikely to succeed.

Mr. Trump would argue that his rights to the First Amendment were violated. But as a private sector, tech companies will say they have the right to decide who will use their platform. This is an argument that is likely to succeed.

Republicans in the House of Representatives also want to introduce a law that “dissolves” Big Tech. But if neither house has a majority, they will have a hard time doing so.

Trump desperately wants to get back to your news feed, but that may not happen right away.

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