Trump supporter Michael Flynn and My Pillow CEO Michael Lindel are working with anti-vaxx doctors on a “health and freedom” tour to disseminate disinformation in the pandemic, the report said. Is

Michael Flynn (L), Roger stone (center) and Michael Lindell (R) are all charged to speak at & # x00201c; ReAwaken America & # x00201d ;. trip.

Michael Flynn (L), Roger Stone (center) and Michael Lindell (R) are all charged to speak on the “ReAwaken America” ‚Äč‚Äčtour. Mark Rheinstein, Tayfun Coskun, Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

  • Trump supporters and anti-vaxx doctors have traveled the country for a “health and freedom” conference.

  • Experts say the case is fostering disinformation about elections and pandemics. Parents..

  • Speakers billed at the event include Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Michael Lindel.

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A group of Donald Trump supporters and anti-vaxx doctors report that they are embarking on a series of events across the United States to fuel disinformation about elections and pandemics. Parents To tell.

Featuring prominent Trump allies such as Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and L. Lin Wood, the ReAwaken America tour has already hosted events in states such as Florida and Michigan, and upcoming events in Colorado and Texas. Is scheduled.

Called the “Health and Freedom” conference by the organizers, the event was coordinated by Clay Clark, the host of the conservative podcast.

Cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing nationwide as Republican states seek to pass legislation restricting voting rights by fighting more contagious variants of the Delta.

so One of the events in JulyMichael J. Lindell, Trump’s donor and CEO of My Pillow, falsely claimed that Donald Trump won 80 million votes and Joe Biden won less than 68 million votes in the 2020 elections.

Donald Trump actually won 74 million votes in the election, and Joe Biden won with over 81 million votes.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was pardoned by Donald Trump last year after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about a conversation with the Russian ambassador, toured to criticize the pandemic’s security measures. He said he was participating. “COVID Madness.”

Flynn, who regularly appears in events that perpetuate conspiracy theories, including QAnon, previously stated: COVID-19 was manufactured To distract from the 2020 elections.

The tour also includes appearances from doctors skeptical of the vaccine. Stella ImmanuelIt was notorious last year after a dream of sex involving evil spirits caused illness and claimed that alien DNA was used in medicine.

Another doctor asked to speak at the conference is Scott Jensen, a Minnesota politician running for governor.

Jenson was previously a candidate PolitiFact’s “Lies of the Year” After doctors overestimated COVID-19 patients and falsely claimed to be receiving more money.

Gerry Hebert, a lawyer who spent more than 20 years processing voting rights at the Justice Department, said the tour lied about the 2020 elections being stolen, despite numerous proceedings and recount failures. He told the Guardian that he was making it permanent.

“Lie and disinformation campaigns can kill both our fellow Americans and our democracy, and this ReAwaken America tour seems to be designed to highlight these issues.” Hebert told the paper.

“I’m really embarrassed by the fact that this madness is completely doctor-friendly,” Irwin Redlener, who heads the Columbia University Pandemic Resources and Recovery Initiative, told The Guardian.

Experts told the newspaper that these events are promoting Trump’s deputy in the middle of next year and ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Event tickets are $ 250 for general admission and $ 500 for VIP. The pastor is eligible for a half-price ticket.

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