Trump supports Lauren Boebert, who implicitly accused her of making Islamophobia comments within 24 hours of Congress.

On July 29, 2021, Republican Rep. Lauren Bobert spoke at a press conference held by members of HouseFreedom Caucus at Capitol Hill, Washington.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Colorado Parliamentarian Lauren Boebert, who will be reelected in 2022.Andrew Harnik / AP

  • Donald Trump has approved the re-election of controversial Colorado parliamentarian Lauren Boebert.

  • Trump’s support comes within 24 hours of the House passing a bill to combat Islamophobia.

  • The bill was an implicit rebuke for Bobert’s comments on Islamophobia, and she hinted that Ilhan Omar was a terrorist.

Former President Donald Trump enthusiastically supported the controversial Colorado state legislator Lauren Boebert.

Playing cards Bobert’s support announced on Twitter Via his spokeswoman, Liz Harrington.

“Member Lauren Boebert did a great job in her first term on behalf of Colorado’s Third District. She is a fearless leader, defender of the America First Agenda, and loser. It’s a fighter against RINO and radical Democrats, “Trump wrote in his support.

“She remains crime-resistant, border-resistant, and always protects our unsiege Second Amendment. Lauren has my full and complete support for her reelection. ! ‚ÄĚTrump has been added.

Bobert responded to Trump’s support, Tweet: “I am humble and honored to have President Donald J. Trump’s support. I always get America First agenda and President Trump’s support! Chip campaign for $ 20.22 today! Please join us. “

Bobert’s Trump support for the upcoming midterm elections came the next day House barely passed a bill to combat Islamophobia. The “Battle against International Islamophobia Law” Passed on Tuesday was Bobert’s tacit condemnation of Islamophobia’s comments on the bill’s sponsor, Ilhan Omar.

In November, A video of Bobert commenting on Islamophobia about Omar is now viral.. In the video, Bobert explained that he had hit Omar in the elevator, implying that Omar was a terrorist, and called her part of the “Jihad Corps.”

Omar Rejected The elevator incident has happened so far, calling Bobert “Bahoon,” and a Colorado parliamentarian on the far right said, “I’m looking down at me at the Capitol.”

“The whole story is made up. Sadly, she thinks prejudice gains her influence,” Omar continued. “Anti-Islamic prejudice is not interesting and should not be normalized. Congress cannot be a place where the hateful and dangerous Islamic metaphor is not criticized.”

Bobert later apologized twitter, “I apologize to someone in the Islamic community who was offended by the comments about Congressman Omar,” she wrote. “I contacted her office to talk to her directly.”

Omar But later said her call with Bobert was “unproductive” And that Bobert “doubled her rhetoric.”

The controversy over Bobert Democratic rally chair When Progressive Democratic Party Bobert faces the consequences of her anti-Islamic rhetoric and demands that her committee be deprived of her duties.However, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has become a member of the House Republican Party. Will not take action against Bobert..

Trump also about his part Spread the unfounded conspiracy theory Omar married her brother and abandoned Somalia when she fled as a child.

Omar called the rumors “ridiculous and unpleasant” and released a long statement and timeline of her marriage in 2016.

Bobert is currently facing the Republican Party Marina Zimmerman At the primary of her seat. Zimmerman Tweeted in November When she called on voters to support her over Bobert, she said, “I want to get rid of the trash.”Zimmerman describes herself about her Campaign website As a “hardworking and rewarding conservative,” we appeal to voters who “want to regain their sensibility, politeness, and ethics in Congress.”

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