Trump Supreme Court Candidates Show Their True Color



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Donald Trump’s three Supreme Court candidates are exactly what we thought they were.

Last week 5-4 decision A court to enforce the new Texas ban on abortion was passed with the support of Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. That’s not really a surprise.Trump spent the 2016 presidential election Promising conservatives He will appoint a judge to overthrow Roe v. Wade.. It is now clear that he kept his promise.Former president too I took credit For a ruling excerpt from a television interview released on Sunday.

“There is a very different Supreme Court than before,” he said.

Still, during their confirmation hearing, each justice, and often, Their supporters — Dancing around the question of how they dominate this issue, giving a non-commitment answer that sometimes sounds like they accepted egg As a reconciled law.

Take Gorsuch. At the 2017 confirmation hearing, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) egg.. “That’s the law of land,” Gorsuch said. Said.. “I accept the law of the land, Senator, yes.”

Kavanaugh responded similarly vaguely at the 2018 hearing. “As a general suggestion, I understand the importance of the precedents set out in. Roe v. Wade,” he Said Senate hearing.

Connie Barrett, at least, gave a slightly more straightforward answer and confirmed to Senator that she didn’t consider it. egg The “super precedent” was too calm for the court to overturn. “The cases are so well resolved that neither politicians nor people take their rule seriously,” she said. Said.. “And I have answered many questions about egg, I think it shows egg It does not fall into that category. “

Still, Trump tried to make the water a little cloudy on behalf of Connie Barrett. In a discussion with then-candidate Joe Biden in September 2020, he Was contested Biden’s claim that the right to abortion is “on the ballot” is that Connie Barrett’s nomination is still in the air at that time. “You don’t know what her view is,” Trump said.

But Connie Barrett’s view wasn’t really suspicious — and neither seems to be the ultimate fate. egg.. So why did Trump and his candidates spend so much energy pretending to be other?

Of course, candidates from both parties have a habit of becoming ambiguous at confirmation hearings.For example, Judge Elena Kagan Strong objection From a court ruling last week, but she Pretty careful About expressing opinions at the 2010 confirmation hearing. Like most candidates, she avoided asking questions, saying that she should not pre-determine cases that might come to court. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to rate the cases, especially if I talk about what I think about past cases, because those cases themselves could be brought back to court.” She says. Said Senator.

One candidate Be talkative With the Senator? Arch conservative Robert Bork was nominated in court by Ronald Reagan in 1987. “I am very pleased to discuss with you my judicial philosophy and the approach I take to determine the case,” he told the Senator, and most observers agree with him. I was faithful to the words.His nomination We’re screwed..Since then, the candidates have More carefully About the answer to the question.

But it’s also probably true that Republicans want a plausible denial when it comes to ending their right to abortion in the United States.The cause of the opposition to abortion is popular among the conservatives that make up the foundation of the Republican Party, but it is Not so much Among all voters. This is also true for the red states. Voters in South Dakota and Mississippi have rejected a referendum banning abortion. 2006 When 2011, Each. It probably explains why many Republicans who have campaigned against abortion for most of the last 50 years are almost silent at the pinnacle of their greatest victory.Fox news Little mentioned Topic during coverage last Thursday morning, including most Republicans of the Texas parliamentary delegation Duck question..

Neither Republicans nor conservative judges can avoid this problem for much longer.If the Supreme Court has guts egg, Voters on both sides will notice. It has very specific implications, such as state law, women’s lives and decisions, but is not covered in ambiguous statements. The vague time is over.

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