Trump sway tested in a race over the U.S. House of Representatives in central Ohio


Columbus, Ohio (AP) — A crowded Republican preliminary election in the open US House seats in central Ohio is competing with other favored candidates for the choice of long-time coal lobbyist Donald Trump Conservative leaders, movements, and donors are testing ongoing political upheaval.

A race in the vast GOP-friendly 15th Parliamentary District, which is gerrymandered to include all or part of 12 Ohio counties, including part of Columbus, is also a Republican group in favor of female candidates, strong opposition to abortion. Group, and former president.

Trump, who has won the state twice significantly, advertised candidate Mike Carrie as the best choice to succeed former US lawmaker Steve Stivers. Stivers resigned in May to lead the Ohio Chamber of Commerce after holding a seat for 10 years. Special Election Primary Election is August 3rd.

In the release of Trump’s Save America PAC, Carrie said, “Become a courageous fighter for the people and our economy, strong on borders, strong on crime,” and experience and amendments to the U.S. Army National Guard. : Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski is also crossing the district for Carrie’s campaign.

Stivers, who is himself a National Guard general, is helping Jeff LaRe, a former Deputy Sheriff and executive of a security services company, to represent the 15th arrondissement of Ohio. LaRe operates on a law enforcement platform that includes rigorous discussions on border control, immigration policy, the need to continue tackling the opioid crisis, and pledges to keep opioids safe.

LaRe is one of the former and three incumbents running for the Republican primary, and the other members are Stephanie Kunze and Bob Peterson, and former state legislator Ron Hood. is.

On the Democratic side, health policy expert Allison Russo is confronting former Army officer and combat veteran Greg Betts to nominate the party.

Kunze is backed by the GOP of Franklin, the district’s largest county, and the Value PAC in the women’s elections established to elect Republican women to parliament.

“There have been no Republican women in the Ohio parliamentary delegation for nearly a decade,” said Secretary-General Julie Conway. “Stephanie Kunze will not only be the right person to represent District 15, but will also be a strong supporter, conservatively supporting the needs of all members.”

Peterson’s campaign focuses on his agricultural background and his service at the State Capitol in the Ohio House or Senate since 2011. Ohio’s Right to Life PAC, the political arm of the state’s oldest and largest anti-abortion group, supported him.

Meanwhile, Hood has robbed Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a major Trump ally. In a tweet, Paul called Hood “a proven constitutional conservative in support of the entire Bill of Rights and America First’s foreign policy.”

If that wasn’t enough to split the district’s Trump support base, another Trump ally conservative activist Debbie Meadows (the wife of former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows) backed Ruth Edmonds in a Republican race. did. Edmonds participates in the Advisory Board of the Ohio Faith-Based Community Initiative Office.

Meadows’ right-wing female PAC said the black Edmonds “will be a strong voice in Congress and counter the growing BLM / Marxist movement.” “Life experience, her biblical worldview, and her Christian faith prepared her independently to confront the radical left-wing racist bully,” Edmonds said.

Influential New York Republican Elise Stefanik, who founded ElevatePAC, was formed to promote female Republican candidates, opposed the support of Edmonds and Kunze, and instead stuck to Trump’s man, Carrie.

“To defeat the Socialist Democratic Party agenda in 2022 and dismiss Nancy Pelosi, a more proven and conservative fight at the House Republican Conference,” said Stephanik, chair of the House Republican Conference. I need an opportunity. “

On his side, the first-time candidate Carrie isn’t campaigning to be a “proven fighter,” but is campaigning on Trump’s two-time winner, “Outsider.” Although he has never held an electoral office, he is lobbying the state legislature.

Carrie, on behalf of the company named in the indictment of the former Speaker of the House, was involved in elaborate bribes and dirty trick plans to pass House Building 6, a fundamental part of energy law. Represented the company. “Federal indictment. The company has not been accused of crime.

Other Republican candidates are: John Adams, the owner of the chemical business. Eric M. Clark, a nurse at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Former Perry County Commissioner Sad Co-op Rider. Golf club owner Thomas Fan. Omar Taradi, a lawyer who is a member of the Hilliard City Council.

The winners of the primary will face off on November 2nd.