Trump urged judicial authorities to declare the election “corrupted”


Washington (AP) — According to a handwritten note from one of the participants in the conversation, President Donald Trump urges senior Judiciary ministry officials to declare the 2020 election results “corrupted” on a December phone call. did.

A memorandum of the December 27 call released by the House Oversight Committee on Friday was the length Trump made to overturn the outcome of the election and elicit the support of law enforcement officers and other government leaders in its efforts. Is emphasized. Email released last month In the last few weeks of his presidency, Trump and his allies have pressured the Justice Department to investigate the unfounded allegations of widespread fraud in 2020. I’m investigating whether it’s a department Authorities tried to overturn the result.

“Tell me the elections are corrupt and leave the rest to me and the House of Representatives,” Trump at one point told then Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, a note taken by senior Justice Department official Richard Donohue. According to the call.

The pressure is even more pronounced just a few weeks ago when Trump’s own Attorney General, William Barr, declared that the department had not found evidence of widespread fraud that could overturn the outcome.

The December 27 call was made a few days after Barr resigned, and Rosen rioted on January 6 at the US Capitol, where supporters of Trump supporters attacked the building during the last few weeks of the administration. Became responsible for the department including. Because Congress had proved the election results.

“These handwritten notes show that President Trump has directly instructed the highest law enforcement agencies in our country to take steps to overturn free and fair elections on his last day. “Chairman Carolyn Maloney of the Democratic Party of New York said. statement.

She said the committee had begun scheduling interviews with witnesses. Earlier this week, the Justice Department approved six witnesses to appear in front of the panel, citing the public interest in these last week’s “abnormal events.”


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