Trump urges federal judge to block the release of tax returns to Congress


Former President Trump’s lawyer on Wednesday called on a federal judge to prevent the Treasury from publishing his tax returns to Congress, NBC News Report..

News promotion: Ministry of Justice last week Said The Treasury “must” release Trump’s tax return to the Houseways and Means Commission. find The Commission has “called a good reason” to request the document.

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  • Playing cards have been Fight against release On the panel of his tax return for over two years.

  • The document has already been obtained by the Manhattan District Attorney. Brought prosecution To the longtime CFO of the Trump Organization and its tax-related costs in July.

What they are saying: Trump’s lawyer argued that the Commission wanted to get a tax return to find embarrassment rather than finding out how the IRS would audit the president, according to NBC News.

  • “The Democratic Party of the House of Representatives provided countless justifications for obtaining a presidential tax return, but at the time no one mentioned the desire of the IRS to know how to audit the president,” they said. rice field.

  • “The chair’s request was little like an effort to investigate how the IRS audited the president. It requested information on only one president, an open file that had not been audited, and We did not request the most relevant information from the IRS — that is, how to audit the president. ”

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