Trump vows to lay off ‘warmongers’ if re-elected

Former President Donald Trump has vowed to fire “warmongers” in the US State Department and military if he is re-elected in 2024.

and video “World War III has never been closer,” Trump said in a Twitter post by his campaign team and his son Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday afternoon.

“We need to wipe out all the warmongers in the Deep State, the Pentagon, the State Department, the National Security Industrial Complex and the last globalist home in America,” continued the Republican nominee for 2024.

In the video, Trump continued to tout his tenure record, saying he was “the only president of a generation who didn’t start a war” and “rejected the advice of military generals, bureaucrats and so-called diplomats.” They only know how to get us into conflict, they don’t know how to get us out. ”

“Stop the lobbyists and big defense contractors from stepping in and pushing high-ranking military and national security officials into conflict so they can retire and get lucrative jobs that will pay them millions of dollars,” Trump said. encourage,” Trump said.

Trump said in the video that senior government officials promoted the uprising in Ukraine as a broader effort to provoke conflict. He cited the current U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, as an example of a senior government official he believes has sought confrontation.

“Now we are on the brink of World War III, and many people haven’t seen it, but I have, and I think they are right about many things.

Trump’s comments about the heightened risk of World War III have come as did officials in both the United States and Russia. alluded to War in Ukraine could escalate global conflict and nuclear weaponsHours before Trump released the video, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Russia suspends participation New START Treatywhich imposed nuclear arsenal reductions and allowed mutual inspections of nuclear arsenals between the United States and Russia.

“It’s no excuse for the outrageous and horrific invasion of Ukraine a year ago, which would never have happened if I were your president, and not the slightest chance,” Trump said. “But here in America, it means we need to get rid of the corrupt globalist regime that has undermined every major foreign policy decision for decades, including President Biden.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he could have avoided a war in Ukraine if he had been in office. Last year, Rep. Jody Heiss (Republican) agreed with trump He said the reason Russia invaded Ukraine was “very weak White House leadership.”

on tuesday interview Former Trump administration official Fiona Hill said Russia would not have invaded if Trump had been in office, but that was because “President Putin expected to be able to hand over Ukraine without the need for an invasion.” because he was

Hill, who served as senior director for European and Russian affairs at Trump’s National Security Council until July 2019, was impeached in 2019 after alleging that Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine for political gain. He testified against Trump in the lawsuit.

“Biden is not willing to negotiate with Ukraine. It’s not the United States that negotiates,” Hill told Anhud.

in him videoTrump said the reason the United States did not join the new war was because “other countries respected us” and because he “rebuilt” the U.S. military.

Trump’s record on war

“We have set aside America Last and have made incredible progress in bringing peace to the world, and now we are about to complete our mission.” The Department of Defense, and national security agencies, will be very different places by the end of my administration.

In October 2019, Trump called for the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, but his administration ultimately retained troops in the country.

During his presidency, the Trump administration scaled back the US presence in Afghanistan and negotiated an eventual US withdrawal. Trump initially negotiated a May 1, 2021 withdrawal deadline, but President Joe Biden delayed the final withdrawal date by months.

President Trump on his last day in office withdrew All US troops from Somalia.Biden has since inverted that course.

In 2019, Congress passed a resolution ending U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.playing cards rejected the resolutionto maintain U.S. support for the Saudi coalition.

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