Trump’s delay against “malicious” rape accusations allegations

New York (AP) — Former President Donald Trump’s legal action aimed at delaying the defamation allegations of the rape accusers is dishonest, so far the judge announced on Friday. A counterclaim stating that the decision was rejected by Trump’s attempt.

E. Jean Carroll’s single allegation of defamation “may have been tried and decided in some way long ago,” said Judge Lewis A. Kaplan of the U.S. District Court. ..

Kaplan rejected the former president’s attempt to counterclaim Carroll under a law that could be used to challenge an unjustified defamation proceeding in a Friday decision filed publicly on Thursday. Cited the delay caused by Trump’s legal tactics.

Kaplan said the counterclaim may have been filed 14 months ago.

“The records convince the court that the defendants’ proceedings tactics have delayed the proceedings to some extent, which could easily be much less, whatever their intentions,” the judge wrote.

Arina Haba, Trump’s lawyer, replied to the message asking for comment by email: Or actually. “

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, said of the judge’s decision: “My client, E. Jean Carroll, and I couldn’t agree anymore.”

Carroll, a longtime advice columnist for El magazine, wrote in a June 2019 book that Trump raped her in a luxury department store in Manhattan in the mid-1990s. Trump denied it and questioned Carroll’s credibility and motives.

Judge Kaplan wrote about the delay in the proceedings, stating that Trump had “tried to avoid” a copy of the proceedings in his Manhattan residence or White House after being first filed in New York State Court in November 2019. court.

The judge then wrote that Trump used a “flirty” legal objection to delay the proceedings of the proceedings. The state court argued that he lacked jurisdiction and could not proceed until the proceedings of another woman’s proceedings alleging Trump’s sexual misconduct were resolved. ..

The proceedings will not be tried until the Court of Appeals reveals whether the defendant is Trump or the US government.

In August 2020, Trump reportedly instructed then-US Attorney General William Barr to intervene in the United States and substitute his position as a defendant. The challenge, continued by President Joe Biden’s Justice Department, is still awaiting an appeal.

“In summary, these proceedings show that defendant’s proceedings have had an extended effect, and in fact, there is a strong desire to delay the opportunity for plaintiffs to file proceedings against him. It strongly suggests that we are acting from aspirations, “said the judge.

The Associated Press usually does not identify people who claim sexual assault unless they come out publicly, as Carroll did.

The judge said Carroll was 78 years old and that direct witnesses to rape other than Trump “clearly link these facts.”

“In the court’s view, it would be reckless to characterize the defendant’s previous and threatened future actions as malicious, unjustly unfavorable, or expansive. But all three, “he said.