Trump’s dissatisfaction with losing Catholic, Jewish voters who don’t appreciate on the phone with a religious adviser


get annoyed Donald Trump He complained on a campaign call with religious leaders about losing votes from ungrateful Catholics and Jews in the 2020 elections.

“I did a lot for Catholics. Mr. Trump was on a recorded phone call on Thursday (above) initiated by a controversial right-wing missionary adviser, and we voted for Catholics. I’m a little surprised that it didn’t work. Paula White..

“I think we got about 50% [Catholic] Mr. Trump said in a conference call hosted by a religious group. American arbitrator And first reported Religious news service..

“Still, we did a lot for the Catholic vote, so we have to talk to them. We will have to meet Catholics,” he said. Mr. Trump added that it seemed like a clear sign that he was planning to run for president again. At one point he said, “I’m very optimistic that we’ll be back.”

He was also angry with Jewish voters.

“See what you did at the embassy in Jerusalem, and what you did in many other things … Israel had better friends than ever, but I still got 25% of the votes. I got it, “said Trump. “I think they have to get together. We need to be a little more united with all the religious groups participating in this call.”

White and Trump have announced his new National Faith Advisory Board of Religious Leaders, a clone of Trump’s White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative.Monday’s email to the group vowed to fight what it calls the president Joe Biden‘NS “Agenda of anti-faith” Reported the daily progress of the Jews.

Trump also blamed Biden’s religious records of going to church. “Many things have happened about faith and religion, and they are not good … what they do to religion, what they do to Christianity, is ours. It’s sad and sad for the country, “Trump said. He did not provide details.

Trump praised the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision the day before Does not interfere with the crackdown on strict new abortions In Texas. “Even last night you are making a very strong decision. It’s stronger than everyone thought,” he said.

He also complained that COVID-19-“or the Chinese virus as I call it”-is “out of control”.It “sets a record now” (in the anti-Mask Republican state), he added, apparently forgetting More than 400,000 Americans died on his watch..

During a question and answer session with Trump, he was asked about his own religious beliefs.

He answered vaguely. “It’s all based on God — it’s very important. God is very important to the success of what we do.”

Robert Morris, Pastor of Gateway Church In Dallas who participated in maskless COVID Superspreader Event at the White House celebrate Amy Coney BarrettConfirmation with the Supreme Court last year ended with prayer.

“I pray for those Americans who voted the wrong way,” he said.

Listen to the entire top call.. He refers to the Catholic vote (and later the Jewish vote) starting at 36:40.

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