Trump’s impeachment of Ukraine hides the war and jeopardizes the Republican response

Washington (AP) — When President Donald Trump was impeached After pressure, in late 2019 Ukrainian leader for “grace”, Even the Republican’s strongest defense hawk stood virtually united by Trump’s side, while withholding $ 400 million in military aid to support a confrontation with Russia-backed separatists.

but, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s army marches towards Kieu In February of this year, not only Ukraine but also parliament threatened other Europe, Republicans and Democrats, abandoned impeachment politics, gathered on the Ukrainian side and shipped quickly. Billions In defense of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Questions before Ukrainians fight Russia’s terrible aggression is now over 100 daysWhether the unusual bipartisanism at Capitol Hill is elastic enough to withstand Trump’s impact on the party, or Republicans who succumbed to Trump’s “America First” approach again Whether or not to do so endangers military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

“Perhaps both Republicans and Democrats recognize that this security support is very important,” Bill Taylor said. Former Ukrainian AmbassadorIn a recent interview with The Associated Press.

“And perhaps neither side is keen to break the coalition.”

Party politics is a crucial moment as Russia’s invasion prolongs, the United States goes deep into the conflict before the November elections, and lawmakers take control of parliament and confront voters.

New polling from Associated Press programs US public support to punish Russia in war If it comes at the expense of the economy, it’s shaking.

Congress has garnered rare and strong bipartisan support to approve the $ 40 billion Ukrainian package, and since the beginning of the war, U.S. total support has risen to a staggering $ 53 billion, but for the latest aid. Opposition came only from the Republican side, including Trump.

This is a warning sign of the strength of the bipartisan coalition that Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the top Republican of Congress, tried to stand up when he led a delegation of GOP Senators to stand by Zelensky. .. A surprise trip to Kyiv last month.

“My party had an isolated feeling that I thought was crazy, and I wanted to oppose it,” McConnell told an audience in Kentucky last week, explaining his visit to Ukraine.

The department within the GOP over Ukraine is routinely excited by Trump, who first praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as a “genius” bargaining strategy. Trump has repeatedly opposed US aid to Ukraine, including a rally in Wyoming last weekend. Before the Senate voted for $ 40 billion in support, Trump denounced the idea of ​​spending time abroad while “parents are having a hard time” in the United States.

When considering whether Trump can run for the White House in 2024, the sustainability of his “America First” foreign policy approach has not been about the sustainability of his party’s commitment to US support for democratic Ukraine. Leave a question of solution. Senators are ready to vote to expand NATO to include Sweden and Finland this summer, but Trump has repeatedly criticized US spending on the Western military alliance.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri called the tally “astronomical” at a time when foreign policy should be concentrated elsewhere, including China, among the 11 Republican senators who voted against the Ukrainian package. I called it “a number.”

“It’s a number of national varieties,” Hurley said in an interview. “And I think it’s a mistake.”

Ukraine was at the center of American politics almost three years ago. 2019 Trump Impeachment Proceedings Rocking Washington..

Zelensky turned from a comedian to a politicianAccording to records released by the White House of Trump, he was just elected when he asked Trump on July 25, 2019, calling for a meeting to strengthen US-Ukraine relations and secure military aid. I did.

“We are almost ready to buy more javelin throws from the United States for defense purposes,” Zelensky told Trump, referring to the anti-tank weapons Ukraine relies on from the West.

Trump replied: “But please.”

Trump asks Zelensky to investigate Joe BidenBiden’s son Hunter, who was a major rival of the Democratic Party of the time Trump and the current President of the United States, and an officer of the Ukrainian gas company.

The impeachment investigation, triggered by government whistleblower complaints about Mr. Trump’s call, was the first milestone of his generation since Democrat Bill Clinton was charged with a White House intern.

During the weeks of impeachment proceedings over Ukraine, witnesses from across national security and foreign services sectors testified under an oath about warnings in Washington and Kyiv about Trump’s conversation with Zelensky.

A complex story emerged about scrambling Trump allies to secure Biden’s investigation — And I oppose what civil servants consider to be a violation of the Protocol.

Still, US opinions about the seriousness of the accusations against Trump were mixed, as the AP polls at the time showed.

Trump was accused of being a Democrat-led house, approved by the Senate, and one of the Republicans, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, joined the Democratic Party and was convicted.

“All the allegations were horse hockey,” recalled his decision not to impeach, Morgan Griffiths, R-Va. Said.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) Brushed back questions about whether Trump’s actions played a role in Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine in February this year.

“It wasn’t like Putin invaded right away. It’s been almost two years,” Rubio said.

The Republicans quickly recall that Trump was actually the first president to allow the transportation of deadly weapons to Ukraine. This is the refusal of the Barack Obama administration, with Biden as Vice President, to worry about provoking Putin.

Senator Rob Portman, co-chair of the Ukrainian Caucus in the Senate, convinced Trump over the phone to eventually release $ 400 million in aid and his decision not to condemn Trump for delays in that aid. Supported.

“As long as it’s done,” Portman said of the results.

But Romney said people need to stay “keep an eye on” Putin’s threat to the world order. “At that time, I did the right thing, but I didn’t look back,” he said.

The Democratic Party has criticized the Republican Party for the impeachment verdict.

“That’s a shame,” said Senator Bob Menendez, DN.J, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Said.

“All Republicans who voted in favor of Donald Trump’s geopolitical shakedown and the blackmail of Volodimir Zelensky and the Ukrainian people should be ashamed of themselves,” said Hakim Jeffries. , DN.Y. Said. Then to us, and now the world understands. “


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