Trump’s Kingmaker status faces challenges in Ohio’s special elections


Globe City, Ohio (AP) —Last week, a candidate for the Texas State Parliament backed by Donald Trump Defeated in a special electionThe former president’s ally immediately turned his attention to Ohio and avoided another embarrassing loss.

Make America Great Again, a super PAC chaired by former Trump campaign manager, quietly bought $ 300,000 in Ohio television advertising. The acquisition was aimed at providing a late-stage boost to another Trump supporter candidate facing the crowded Republican territory in Tuesday’s special elections.

Midsummer races in Ohio’s traditional Republican 15th Parliamentary District usually don’t get much public attention. But it’s suddenly becoming a high-stakes test of Trump’s support, which he wielded as a club to silence Republican opponents.

Low turnout special elections do not completely measure Trump’s strength, he remains a Republican political powerhouse, and his political action committee holds a huge $ 100 million in cash over the weekend. I made it clear that I was there. However, a second defeat in two weeks could undermine Trump’s self-proclaimed Kingmaker’s position in the midterm elections next year.

Ohio Republican consultant Ryan Stubenlauf said, “If that happens several times, candidates and political experts aren’t stupid, but they won the race even if they weren’t endorsed by Trump. I would say I can do it. “

In other cases, Trump’s throwing his weight behind a candidate with baggage, including several who voted in favor of his second accusation and opposed the Republican incumbent who crossed him. The decision made him confront the other leaders. Some Republicans fear that his move could complicate efforts to regain the majority in the House and Senate next year.

In Ohio, Mr. Trump supported Mike Carey, one of the ten Republicans, to replace former Republican Steve Stivers, who resigned from Congress earlier this year. He faces a formidable lineup, including three current members, Bob Peterson, Stephanie Kunze, and Jeff Rhea. Former state legislator Ron Hood is also a candidate.

LaRe is backed by Stevers, who has held seats for 10 years. Meanwhile, Hood is generously supported by Senator Rand Paul’s Political Action Committee and religious conservative Ruth Edmonds, a minister, and former NAACP President Columbus.

In an interview, Carrie described the pitch he went to Trump when the two met for what he thought would be a photo shoot earlier this year.

“I said,’President, listen, you were someone who supported many political candidates throughout your life, and many of them disappointed you.'” “I’m on the same ship. It’s like riding, which means it’s much smaller, “Carry recalls. “About an hour and 20 minutes later, he said,” I’m all in attendance. I support you and do whatever it takes to get over the finish line. “

Trump, who headlined a rally with Carrie in June, accused and supported candidates who tried to use his portrait or quote him in an ad to attract voters last week. “I don’t know them, I don’t know who they are, but I know who Mike Carrie is — I know a lot about him, and it’s all good “Trump said in a statement. “There is no more doubt about who I endorsed!”

Approximately 560,000 voters are registered to vote in the Republican-minded 15th Parliamentary District of Ohio. Half of the voters live in parts of Franklin and Fairfield County, a suburban Columbus community that is largely trusted by Republicans for generations, but Trump lost support in 2020. He did it throughout the Ohio countryside.

Especially in Ohio, it can be difficult to draw firm conclusions from two low turnout special elections. In Ohio, a large number of candidates can split their votes in unexpected ways.

However, Trump puts a large personal stake in his support and frequently touts his record of victory. His formal support remains highly coveted, and candidates have pilgrimaged to Trump’s homes in Florida and New Jersey to gain his support.

Some advisers urged Trump to make his choices wise and avoid participating in races without a clear front runner to maintain his reputation. And many hope that Trump will be less likely to participate in the crowded primaries in the future.

In Texas, Trump supported Susan Wright, the widow of Republican Rep. Ron Wright. Susan Wright died in February after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Trump issued several statements promoting his “full and complete support,” recording Robocall later in the spill, and Make America Great Again Super PAC made a $ 100,000 ad purchase.

Nevertheless, she was defeated by Republican Jake Ellzey. Jake Ellzey sought to overcome Trump’s snab by raising more money and emphasizing other supporters, including former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who was also Trump’s Secretary of Energy.

Trump has since claimed that defeat is truly a victory, telling Axios: That was the victory. “

In other cases, some in the party fear that Trump may hurt by supporting candidates who may succeed in a Republican primary dominated by Trump supporters, but the general election. I’m having a hard time winning.

For example, Trump urged the great football Herschel Walker to run for the Georgia Senate, despite having a fair amount of luggage.Recently Associated Press Review In hundreds of pages of public records related to Walker’s business venture and his divorce, Walker repeatedly threatens the life of his ex-wife, exaggerates claims of financial success, and surprises business associates with unpredictable behavior. I found an accusation that I was.

Former Trump White House and campaign aide Max Miller, who has challenged Ohio Republican Anthony Gonzalez, who voted for Trump’s accusations, is also under surveillance.Gonzales Raised the mirror significantly,and Recent Politico Survey Miller was found to have records of speeding, underage drinking, and chaotic behavior.

Trump also met with a candidate trying to expel Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, who emerged as Trump’s top critic. The former president convicted Trump in the impeachment trial and supported Kelly Tshibaka to dismiss Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who is facing re-election next year.

It is unclear whether the loyalty that many Republican voters feel personally to Trump will shift to the candidates he supports. Almost all were Trump supporters at last week’s meeting of Globe City Patriots, a new Republican club on the outskirts of Columbus, heard from three candidates in a vote on Tuesday. However, few said they were concerned about his support.

Tim Ludika said that he and his wife, Julie, who co-founded the group, are “totally Trump people,” but his support does not affect their choices. The best candidate wins. “

Julie Rujika reiterated her husband’s feelings, saying he would study the candidate throughout the weekend before voting.

“I’ve always been Trump, but that’s not necessarily the person I’m going to choose,” she said. “As you know, Trump chose bad people in the past-not his fault, but they flip when they get in-so I have to look deeper.”

Mike Murray, an 80-year-old retiree, agreed that Trump’s support probably didn’t make as much sense to him as the former president wanted.

“That is, I like him, but I don’t always get the support of others,” he said. “I’m like choosing my own, because most of them are” I’m going to fight for you, “what does that mean? I like playing cards, but I have my own heart. “


Beaumont reported from Des Moines, Iowa. Corbin reported from Washington.