Trump’s Lawyer Gives Bizarre Explanation About Mar-a-Lago’s Confidential Folder

lawyer for donald trump the aforementioned latest classification folder All that was handed over to investigators was the folder the former president used to block the lights that haunted him at night.

Timothy Parlatore disrespected folders on CNN As “one of the more humorous aspects of this whole thing,” he argued, it “meaning nothing” because it was empty.

He said a folder marked “Classified Evening Summary” was found in Trump’s bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“He had one of the landlines next to his bed with a blue light on it and it kept him awake at night,” says Parlatore. “So he took a manila folder and put it over it to keep the lights out so he could sleep at night.”

He claimed that Justice Department investigators were “crazy” when they learned about the folder and issued the subpoena.

“Now the president has to find another way to keep blue light out of his eyes,” he said.

It’s not clear what happened to the document or documents that were originally in the folder.

dozens Confidential document found At Mar-a-Lago during the search last summer. Since then, several presidential documents have also been found. Joe BidenPrivate Place and Former Vice President’s Home Mike Pence.

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