Trump’s Truth Social network is trying to get influencers (some openly anti-Trump) to “reserve” a “preferred username” on their site to hype the app before it’s released.

Trump and Truth Social Logo

TRUTH Social, the social network of former President Donald Trump, is scheduled for the launch date of Presidential Day on February 21st.AFP via Paul J. Richards / Getty Images; Screengrab / TRUTH Social App Store

  • Trump’s Truth Social app appeals to influencers and invites them to participate as VIPs.

  • Axios asked influencers to sign up and saw an email asking them to book a username.

  • Some of the people contacted by Truth Social have clearly posted anti-Trump content.

Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social app is reaching out to influencers, including those with excessive anti-Trump content, to sign on to the app early.

Axios I saw an email from a Truth Social representative sent to multiple influencers from the email address “[email protected]” linked to the app’s holding company “[email protected]”. rice field. Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG)..

Axios spoke to two influencers who received the Truth Social invitation. Jeremy Jacobowitz, with 159,700 TikTok followers, And food and travel writers Gilly Houston, There are 106,000 Instagram followers.

Jacobwitz posted about receiving emails on TikTok.

The email will ask Jacobwitz if you want to “reserve” the “preferred username / handle” when the site is launched. This is “late February / early March”.

Houston told Axios that he would not accept the solicitation because of the anti-Trump tendency. Jacobowitz’s TikTok page, on the other hand, has content that is clearly anti-Trump. A video that calls Trump “the stupidest person ever”.“”

Truth Social and TMTG representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insiders.

Trump’s Truth Social app was initially The former president was advertised as a way to “face big tech tyranny.”

However, social media platforms Users do not criticize the site, according to Truth Social Terms of Service, This states that the user “in our opinion, we and / or the site cannot be slandered, discolored, or otherwise harmed.”Insider Tom Porter also has a site this week Automatically censor some posts using AIAfter partnering with Hive, a tech company that can scan the platform for banned content.

The platform also ran into some obstacles along the way. The vulnerability was published on the app’s beta website in October. Twitter users It took only two hours to access the website and create a dummy account for Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence...

Truth Social has been warned for a 30-day period and to stop violating the license agreement. After claiming to have used the source code of the distributed social network Mastodon..also Missed the November deadline for releasing the official beta of the app,

Truth Social February 21, President’s Day, According to the list of app stores.

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