Trump’s wrath about the media spending “all night” on Aida instead of his “great” Taliban deal


Former president Donald Trump Calling for conservative radio shows on Monday, “all night” media picking up deadly things on Sunday Very destructive hurricane Aida Instead of a “great agreement” with him Taliban..

Trump’s bad luck agreement, Signed by his administration in February 2020, the United States Leave Afghanistan on May 1st That year it didn’t happen.We The army finally withdrew on Monday After 20 years of war.

“Afghanistan is not even arguable in a rational way,” Trump told host Todd Stearns. “The level of stupidity-and we made a big deal,” he added.

Some political observers and international experts have blamed Trump’s agreement Make the Taliban bold And this month, under President Joe Biden, Trump’s successor, he laid the groundwork for the turmoil at the U.S. military exit.

Kori Shake, who worked for the George W. Bush Administration’s National Security Council and the State Department, called Trump’s overly Taliban-friendly deal.One of the most shameful diplomatic negotiations on record“Last week. Trump arranged for the” strongest nation in the international order “to be” fooled by terrorist organizations, “she added.

Trump also boasted to Stearns that there were 68,000 people at him. Maskless Alabama Political Rally Early this month.he Inflated the actual number by 50% or moreAccording to estimates from the Secret Service and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have people,” he said. “They aren’t taking this.”

Trump then continued yelling, “Fake and winding corrupt media, they are the worst and the most corrupt.”

“The only thing I don’t understand is that. They have to hate our country. And in fact, they are the enemies of the people. But the corrupt media show hurricanes all night. “I will,” added the former president.

Sterns tried, but couldn’t put in a word. Check out their replacement at the top.

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