Truss vows to publish police league table and tells police to tackle “real crime”

Conservative candidate Liz Truss said Wednesday that he would set police goals and instruct him to cut serious crimes by 20% when he became prime minister.

She also vowed to publish the police league table and had unprofitable unit leaders explain “how they turn things around.”

I’m writing for the Daily Express, “Tras said. “It’s time for police to go back to basics and spend time investigating real crimes such as murder, robbery, and serious violence, rather than Twitter lines and hurtful emotions.”

However, the truss announcement was rejected by opponent Rishi Sunak as a “lightweight plan” and a “power grab.”

Conservatives are hoping for ballots to arrive next week, and the Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister are making rapid policy commitments to win the support of grassroots members.

Mr Truss said he would instruct police to reduce murder, serious violence and neighborhood crimes by a factor of five by the next election scheduled for 2024.

She also released crime rate statistics showing how each unit works against the national average, saying that unprofitable unit leaders will be forced to make improvement plans.

Truss also said that freedom of speech would be protected by a code of conduct governing hatred cases, and police and criminal commissioners would have more authority over “identity politics-focused denial training.”

Police officer
A police officer using the radio in the United Kingdom on November 2, 2011. (David Cheskin / PA Media)

A snack campaign spokesperson said the truss plan was “a lightweight plan based on data disclosure already done by the government, from police and criminal commissioners, including many excellent Conservative PCCs driving crime in the area. Take power away. “

“The real way to reduce crime is to use more police on the streets,” a spokesperson said, citing the promises of the 2019 Conservative campaign, and snacks “by the next general election.” We prioritized funding to acquire these 20,000 new officers. “

A spokeswoman also argued that a code of conduct was unnecessary, stating: Freedom of speech is legal, police should not waste time involved and will not join the Rishi Sunak administration. “

In December 2021, the Court of Appeals ruled that guidance on the recording of the “non-criminal hate case” by the English police agency and Wales hampered the right to free speech. It was after Humberside Police recorded the Twitter activity of former police officer Harry Miller, who was reported to be transphobic, as a “non-criminal hate case.” Miller said police officers called him about the tweet and he told Miller he wasn’t committing a crime, but the phone was to check his thoughts.

Last week, the police school issued new guidance instructing officers not to record “trivial” non-criminal hate crime cases, and worked with the Ministry of Interior to develop a police statutory code of conduct regarding the recording and retention of relevant personal data. He said he was formulating. For non-criminal hate cases.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May abolished police performance goals when she was Minister of the Interior in 2010. Targets prevent the fight against crime. “

We may also outsource the report (pdf) Regarding the use of targets by police in 2015, he said that numerical targets are too coarse for complex systems, create perverse incentives, and have demoralizing effects.

In another announcement, Truss also vowed to take steps to combat violence against women and girls by creating independent crimes that criminalize harassment and domestic abuse registration. Case.

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