TSB Releases Report on Possible Links Between Railroads and Wildfires in Lytton, British Columbia

On August 15, 2021, a man is sitting in a fire truck while a wildfire at Lytton Creek in a mountain near Lytton, British Columbia is burning. (Canadian Press / Darryl Dyke)

Richmond, British Columbia — The Japan Transport Safety Board was scheduled to announce today its findings on the “possible relationship” between train activity and wildfires in Lytton, British Columbia.

A fire struck the town on June 30, after a heat wave pushed temperatures to Canada’s record of 49.6 ° C in Lytton, killing two people and leaving little damage to the building.

The Safety Commission said in July that it had sent investigators to the area to investigate potential links to trains.

The Canadian Pacific Railway said in a July statement that it found no indication that any of the trains or equipment that passed through Lytton caused or contributed to the fire. Lytton.

A class action proposal filed in August on behalf of those who lost their homes and businesses in the village alleges that CP Rail and CN Rail caused or contributed to the fire.

The allegations have not been proved in court and neither railroad company has filed a defense statement.

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