Tucker blows up Judge Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court as a “little liberal clinging”

Hours after Brett Kavanaugh joined the other five conservative judges of the Supreme Court and defeated Joe Biden’s employer vaccine mission, Tucker Carlson and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts He accused him of “a little liberal attitude” because he supported the mission of a medical worker.

Harmeet Dillon, CEO of the American Freedom Center, a guest of Carlson, said: Healthcare workers currently in our hospital. “

Carlson said, “Yes, I noticed without the help of Brett Kavanaugh. I’m a little liberal.”

Fox News speakers backed a 6-to-3 decision from conservative judges, including Kavanaugh, and defeated Biden’s mission for companies with more than 100 employees.

Carlson declared this a blessing to “millions of Americans waiting to be dismissed from work because they do not obey this arbitrary order from the president.”

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