Tucker Carlson accused Senator Lindsey Graham of urging police to shoot a riot in the Capitol.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson criticizes Lindsey Graham in the November 1st edition of his Fox News show. Fox news

  • Tucker Carlson criticized Lindsey Graham for reporting on the Capitol riots.

  • The Washington Post said Graham urged police to use guns in riots.

  • Carlson has long sought to downplay the violence of riots and defended them.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized Senator Lindsey Graham on Monday Washington Post Report Parliamentarians claim to have urged police to fire their weapons during the Capitol riots.

The Sunday post released an extensive new report on violence on January 6th.

One detail it emphasized, it said, Graham I frankly told the police to use a gun When a mob advances through the Senate room.

Carlson has been promoting distorted explanations of riots and a conspiracy “false flag” theory for months, trying to portray protesters as peaceful conservatives involved in government conspiracy. ..

In a new documentary series he Claims that the riot was caused by the FBI, Despite the lack of evidence to substantiate the claim.Some Fox News hosts and guests It was pushed back against the premise of the series.

In the Monday edition of his show, Carlson turned on Graham in the light of the post story.

“Really?” Said the Fox News host of Graham’s reported remarks.

“Is this a conservative position? Unarmed protesters appear, look, they shouldn’t have been there. We have never defended it and do so There is no.

“But do you kill them? Lindsey Graham, what’s wrong with you?” Carlson asked. According to the post, Graham did not directly ask the cops to kill anyone, instead telling the cops, “You have guns. Use them.”

Carlson continued his attack: “How long before you ordered a drone strike on people who don’t like politics? This is an obvious moment.”

The statement highlights the American cracks surrounding the January 6 riots and the role of Donald Trump instigating them.

Some Republicans, such as Liz Cheney, who criticized Trump in the wake of the riots Exiled from the party.

Prior to the widely-anticipated presidential election in 2024, Trump sought to defend the mob and promoted the fraudulent election conspiracy theory that caused the attack.

Carlson also attacked Chainy on Monday, which he described as a “left-wing wacko.”

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