Tucker Carlson called Obama a “hate” by saying that right-wing outlets are taking advantage of white horror.

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Fox News Tucker Carlson. Screenshots via Fox News

  • Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called former President Barack Obama a “disgust” on Tuesday night.

  • Obama told CNN that some right-wing media are “capitalizing” to stir up racial resentment.

  • “I hate that guy, really,” Carlson said, accusing Obama of “dividing the country.”

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called former President Barack Obama a “hate” by criticizing the conservative media and laughing at critical racial opponents mock mock mock.

“Barack Obama has been dividing the country along racial boundaries for eight years. Many would think he would withdraw to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyards, but that’s enough. I think he’s back to let you know If your child’s teacher has a problem saying that one race is better than another, my friend You are a racist, “Carlson said at a show on Tuesday night.

To Interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on MondayObama blamed the right-wing media for fueling racial resentment.

“For example, there are several places in the right-wing media that monetize and use the fear and resentment of whites who are witnessing changes in the United States and witnessing changes in vitality. “Mr. Obama said.

“Look, the only problem that is most important to them is obviously the important racial theory. Who knew it was a threat to our republic,” Obama added with a laugh. ..

Carlson replied, “I hate that guy. It’s true.”

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Republicans across the country Trying to eliminate educators From teaching concepts based on critical racial theory at school.

Critical racial theory Racism in the United States not only arises from prejudiced and prejudiced individuals, but is also structural and systematic, tightly integrated into the US system, and fundamental to the countries that Americans know today. Formed to.

Conservatives like Carlson disagree with the central doctrine of critical racism that racism is widespread in the United States and teach white children that racism is systematic. Claims to be similar to teaching to hate yourself.

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