Tucker Carlson states that Afghan refugees have “invaded the United States” and their numbers “may grow to millions” in the next decade.


Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News. Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

  • Fox host Tucker Carlson yelled at the possibility of “millions” of Afghan refugees coming to the United States.

  • Without quoting evidence, Carlson said refugees could resettle in the US neighborhood in the coming months.

  • “So we’ll break in first, then we’ll break in,” Carlson said during the Monday segment.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson ranted in Afghanistan at a show on Monday night, claiming that Afghan refugees could “invade” the United States.

“If history is a guide and it is always a guide, you will see many refugees from Afghanistan, perhaps in your neighborhood, resettled in our country in the coming months. In 10 years, that number could grow to millions, “Carlsson said. Said..

“That is, it breaks in first, then breaks in. It’s always the same,” Carlson added.

The insider contacted Fox News for comment.

Carlson criticized Senator Mitt Romney for his position in Afghanistan during his segment in Afghanistan. August 13th, Romney Tweet The United States said, “(The) Afghan friend has been brutalized by the Taliban, so don’t wait vaguely.” In the same tweet, Romney also urged President Joe Biden to “hurry to defend, rescue, and asylum and expand.”

Carlson ridiculed Romney’s message, saying: Spare! “

The United States has special programs for certain categories of Afghan refugees. Special immigrant visa (SIV). These visas are given to anyone who has worked in the US military.This includes interpreters and translators living that life May be in imminent risk next The imminent acquisition of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Pentagon spokesman Chris Mitchell told insiders that he would provide “temporary housing, maintenance and support” to up to 22,000 Afghan SIV applicants and their families in the United States.Insiders reported on Monday that the ministry may be holding Afghan refugees. At military garrison sites such as Fort Bliss, Texas and Fort McCoy, Wisconsin...

The Taliban came to power after the US military rushed out over the past few months. Sad photos and videos show people desperately trying to escape the Taliban-dominated Afghanistan. Boarding bridge scaling When Clinging to the side of a U.S. Air Force plane..

At least 5 people were killed on Monday When Afghans try to escape from Kabul International Airport in Kabul. Twitter photo Showed that slippers are scattered on the runway, Left behind during the frenzy.

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