Tulsa police say he can’t remember the shooting that killed the sergeant

Was a Tulsa police officer Injured in shooting The killing of the police sergeant told the jury that he did not remember what happened that night, including the one that led to the shooting.

Police officer Aurora Zarkeshan testified in the murder trial of David Anthony Ware, Taken in June 2020 It killed Sgt. Craig Johnson says, “He doesn’t want to see himself or his friends shot.”

Defense lawyer Kevin Adams, Ware, 34, Afraid of his life Because after the traffic stopped, policemen hit him, kicked him, sprayed him with pepper, and shot him with a stun gun. Prosecutors say the situation was exacerbated by Ware refusing to follow police orders when he tried to get him out of the car.

Under cross-examination by Adams, Zarkeshan admitted that the video would honestly show what happened to the shooting, but he still didn’t want to see it.

“If knowing the truth means I have to see myself and my friends being shot, I don’t want to know,” Zarkeshan said.

Ware, who was charged with shooting with the intention of killing Zarkeshan, pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he may be sentenced to death.

Zarkeshan denied that a social media post that he was hired by the city’s waste management department mentioned that the alleged criminal was garbage.

Mr. Zarkeshan said he had never worked in the city’s waste management department and his position at the police academy was a “bad joke.” He said he wanted to show that he was working in the city, but it wasn’t that he was at the Tulsa police station because he wasn’t an officer yet.

According to police, Zarkeshan continued to patrol within six weeks before the shooting after graduating from police academy in the spring.

In his opening statement, assistant district attorney Kevin Gray said he pulled his garment around 3 am after seeing Zarkeshan run a stop sign and then make a big turn into another lane. According to Gray, when Zarkeshan asked for a driver’s license and insurance policy, Ware failed to create a driver’s license and insurance policy.

Matthew Hall Felony accessories To drive the wear from the scene after shooting.