Tunisian divers find another body on an immigrant boat. 22 dead

Tunis, Tunisia — Police searched for smugglers, and Navy divers recovered another body from a wrecked immigrant ship on the eastern coast of Tunisia on Saturday, including nine women and one baby. Caused 22 known deaths.

An estimated 40 people were on board a boat that sank off the coast of Sfax in the Mediterranean on Friday, according to Ali Ayari, a spokesman for the port city’s National Guard, and the search for missing persons continued.

There is also a need for a major smuggler from sub-Saharan Africa and two other Tunisians, Ayari told The Associated Press. A Tunisian middleman was arrested, he added.

“The boat drank water shortly after leaving Sidimon Sur Beach near Sfax, which made immigrants appear to be (victims) of fraud,” Ayari said. It was.

The ship reportedly headed for Italy, the main destination for immigrants from this North African country to the Mediterranean.

On March 9, two boats ran aground in the same area, killing 39 people and rescuing 165. Most of the people on board were from sub-Saharan Africa.