Turkey summons Chinese ambassador on Twitter post

Turkey, Ankara (AP) —Turkey proposed that the embassy could take action on Twitter against two Turkish politicians who criticized Beijing’s treatment of the Muslim Uighur community. Summoned a Chinese ambassador.

Foreign ministry officials said the ambassador had been summoned to the ministry on Tuesday, but did not provide details. Officials provided information on the terms of anonymity in line with the ministry’s rules.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Chinese embassy defended Beijing’s policy and said in two Twitter posts that “the Chinese side reserves the right to take a legitimate response,” Meral, the head of the opposition’s good party. -Tagged Mansour Yabas, the mayor of Accener and Ankara.

This comment was widely interpreted as a threat to the two politicians and caused social media anger in Turkey.

The embassy tagged Axener and Yabas after the two Twitter-marked people posted the killing of Uighurs by Chinese troops during the 1990 uprising.

“The Chinese side firmly opposes and strongly condemns any challenge by any person or power to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the embassy said.

The Turks sympathize with the Uighurs, a group of Turks native to the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China. Many Uighurs have sought refuge in Turkey for decades because of their shared cultural ties.

The Turkish government, which once defended the Uighur cause, has become less vocal about their plight in recent years as economic relations with China have strengthened.