Turkish mafia boss cooks filth, YouTube phenomenon

Ankara, Turkey (AP) — From drug trafficking and murder concealment to arms transfer to Islamic extremists, convicted criminal masterminds join Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party I have conveyed the teachings of. A video that captivated the public and turned him into an impossible social media phenomenon.

Sedat Pekar, the boss of a 49-year-old escape criminal organization who once openly supported Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, has a video nearly 90 minutes long from his designated base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Has released. –In a clear bid to settle with a political figure, a drip claim.

Weekly YouTube videos have been watched more than 75 million times, causing turmoil, raising concerns about Turkey’s corruption and pushing authorities into defense. They also revealed suspicions of a rift between opposing factions within the ruling party, further exacerbating Erdogan’s worries about the economic downturn and the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday morning, a couple in Istanbul was hooked on seeing the latest release of Peker. They were among the millions of people in Turkey who were attuned to it.

“We’ve added (Peker’s video) to the weekly TV series category,” says Gulistan Atas. “Like a TV episode, I’m excitedly waiting. Every Sunday, when I wake up, I prepare breakfast and watch them with breakfast.”

Peker, wearing a vest with a medallion and a half-button shirt, provokes the enemy from behind the desk with neatly arranged notes, beads, and books, and uses only a “tripod and camera” to provoke the enemy. I promise to defeat.

His first video targeted former Interior Minister Mehmet Agar and his son, ruling party member Tolga, who raped a young student of journalism in Kazakhstan and later hid her murder as suicide. Pecker suggested that Mehmet Agar had raped a luxurious marina that could have been used in drug trafficking. Agar later resigned from Marina’s board of directors.

Subsequent videos leveled accusations against former Prime Minister Vinari Jurdilim’s son, who claimed to have been involved in drug smuggling from Venezuela, as well as businessmen and media outlets close to the government. mock mock mock The target of a humorous attack is Interior Minister Sreyman Soil, who has accused the abuse and corruption of power while aiming to become the president of Turkey. Justify everything by saying that Soil betrayed him, despite the help of a criminal leader to defeat his rival faction.

Everyone involved has refused to accusate Peker.

In an explosive allegation on an international scale, the mob boss said Erdogan’s former security adviser, who was accused of leading a paramilitary organization, sent weapons to Syrian al-Qaeda-related militants. Denies allegations of arming holy warriors in the past, but President Erdogan has not yet addressed these claims.

Erdogan ignored Peker’s video for a few weeks, but broke the silence on May 26, dismissing the previous allegations by the mafia leader as a plot against Turkey.

“These games spoil these plots. We shouldn’t doubt that we’re interfering with this fraudulent operation,” Erdogan said. “We track members of criminal organizations wherever they flee in the world … leave them alone until they are brought back to our country and handed over to the judiciary. I won’t leave it. “

Peker responded to President Erdogan that week, suggesting that Turkish influential people could be the focus of future videos. He later Joe on June 14 to avoid “weakening his hands.”・ After meeting with US President Biden, he said he would talk about Erdogan. He said in his latest video on Sunday that his revelation was done with respect and would not hurt the state itself.

“Finding me (to Turkey) and taking me changes the reality,” he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition has seized the claim that it demands the resignation of those involved and an investigation into parliament and the judiciary.

The ruling party and its nationalist allies have prevented opponents from launching parliamentary investigations into Mr. Peker’s allegations and allegations of arms smuggling.

Authorities have issued a new warrant for Mr. Peker’s arrest.

Kang Selukki, director of the survey and analytics platform Turkier Rapport, said that Peker “remembers that he is a criminal,” but explained that the popularity of video needs information.

“To me, people seem to be asking these questions to this illegal operator, because they can’t get answers elsewhere. This is more transparent in Turkish society. It shows that there is a growing demand for sir, ”says Selkki.

Peker speaks to his audience, especially those under the age of 40, as the true owner of Turkey, who has the power to demand accountability and change.

A nationalist who advocates unity between Turkish-speaking nations, Pekar has been in and out of prison since the age of 17 for being involved in organized crime and other crimes. After his last release from prison in 2014, he held a rally to support Erdogan’s party and leveled threats against opposition. The 2015 wedding with his lawyer, Ozge Peker, attracted many celebrity guests.

In April, an operation began against Peker’s group, arresting about 60 associates.

His home in Istanbul was also searched. Peker claims he was forced to speak because his wife and two daughters were allegedly abused and humiliated during a police attack.

In his latest video, Peker said, “I’m asked why I’m doing it.” “I swear to God that I started with anger. I was hoping for an apology. .. now I don’t know why I’m doing it … I want to do it. “

Gulistan Atas’ husband Alpaslan Atas said Peker’s video was like the movies “The Godfather” and “Scarface” and will be forever imprinted in people’s memory.

“The state’s dirty laundry comes to light and spreads as interesting information can be gained by knowing that people in politics with the Quran can run a cocaine business at the same time. I like it, “he said.


Robert Badendieck, Zeyep Bilginsoy, Mehmet Guzel and Ayse Wieting contributed to this report from Istanbul.

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