Turnbull claims News Corporation is Australia’s most powerful political actor

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claims that News Corporation’s role in Australian politics is too strong, while the media spoke on April 12 in a Federal Senate survey on Australian media diversity. Giant must be asked for an explanation.

Turnbull, who recently resigned a week after being appointed head of the New South Wales (NSW) Net Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Commission, claimed that the media giant was the country’s most powerful political actor.

“Australia’s most powerful political parties are not the Liberal Party, the Nationalist Party, or the Labor Party. It’s News Corporation,” Turnbull said. “And it’s totally unexplained. It’s managed by an American family, and their interests, if any, no longer have the same extent as ours.”

News Corp is Australia’s largest newspaper Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, Courier-mail, Advertiser, Sky News Australia and online media outlet news.com.au.

He also accused News Corporation and radio shock jock of contributing to his political loss and canceling his recent appointment.

“I’m as frank as today is that if you’re the prime minister or minister, or if you want to stay in parliament because of so much retaliation, you’re at risk,” he says. I did.

“Even if you were ready to withstand the heat, your colleague definitely didn’t.”

Turnbull also accused News Corporation of being dangerous to democracy in Australia, linking media groups’ coverage of the 2020 US elections with the attack on the US Capitol in early January this year.

He also said the organization is working to promote racial hostility and at the same time prevent action on climate change.

Former journalist Turnbull has joined the efforts of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to call for the power of News Corporation in the Australian media.

In October 2020, Rudd requested the Royal Commission from News Corporation to investigate the abuse of media monopoly, especially in relation to Murdoch’s interests.

“The truth is that Murdoch has become a cancer, an arrogant cancer in our democracy,” Rudd said. Said In the video to start the petition.

Promotion of the Royal Commission January, But it then spurred the current Senate investigation.

News Corp Australia Chairman Michael Miller and Campbell Reed executives both refuted the criticism of the former Prime Minister, who declared the criticism “a convenient shift from their failure.”

In addition, Reed said that the company’s work in Australia is “professional and responsible media” and that the company “regulates, monitors and legally monitors the extraordinary degree of government and in the event of a real problem”. Proved to be operated by both.

However, former Herald Sun editor and co-founder of the New Daily Bruce Guthrie said News Corporation has a list of “friends and enemies” that the organization refers to and acts on.

Guthrie said it was important for the government to support the Australian Associated Press newswire service in order to encourage news startups and see the success of independent organizations.

“AAP’s survival as an independent news agency is very important because it does it to provide most of the news copies to many small publishers, both broadcast and print. , Even online. ” Turnbull It echoed.

Rudd also showed evidence in March that he was “afraid” of News Corporation until he left Congress in 2013.