Twenty-four COVID-19 patients using ventilators in an Indian hospital died from oxygen leaks

At least 24 patients died on Wednesday after a tank leak cut off oxygen supply at a hospital in western India as the nationwide surge in the Indian Satara-Coronavirus incident absorbed an important gas supply. Said the Minister of Health.

The incident in Nashik, one of India’s most devastated areas, occurred after a gas tank leak, said Rajesh Tope, Minister of Health in Maharashtra, the wealthiest state in which the city is located. Said.

“A patient using a ventilator in a Nasic hospital died,” Tope said in a television statement.

“A leak was found in the tanks supplying these patients with oxygen. The interruption in supply may be related to the death of the patient in the hospital.”

According to officials, the world’s second most populous country reported 295,041 new infections on Wednesday, showing the highest daily growth in the world and expanding hospitals to the limit.

Only the United States showed a slightly higher daily increase of 297,430 in January, but its aggregates have declined sharply since then. India’s 2,023 deaths were also the highest in the pandemic.

The patient moved to the hospital
Patients wearing oxygen face masks will be transferred to a hospital in Ahmedabad, India on April 21, 2021. (AmitDave / Reuters)

On Tuesday, a hospital in the capital city of Delhi said it had enough oxygen left for only 8 to 24 hours, but some private agencies had only 4 to 5 hours.

The situation was so severe that some people tried to plunder oxygen tank trucks and forced authorities to strengthen their security, said the neighboring Haryana health minister.

“From now on, I have ordered all tankers to protect the police,” Anil Vigi told Reuters partner ANI.

Television showed images of people with empty oxygen cylinders congesting the replenishment facility while scrambling to save their affected relatives in the hospital.

Charu Sachdeva, an employee of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center in the capital, said:

In the northern city of Lucknow, a man said the hospital had asked him to arrange an oxygen supply for his uncle or to take him away because it was gone.

The city of Delhi, with a population of 20 million, recorded 28,395 new cases and 277 deaths on Tuesday. This is the best record since the pandemic began. One in three people tested for coronavirus proved to be positive.

About 80 of the 142 hospitals in Delhi had no beds left for virus patients, government figures said.

A New Delhi businessman, Saura Mittal, called the hospital listed in the government’s database and called for him to vacate his bed, but was told it was full and no one could be taken.

“I told them they were available online, but they said real-time data didn’t show a bed,” said Mittal, who was trying to arrange treatment for a viral patient.

In a national speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India is facing a “storm” of coronaviruses that overwhelms its health system, and authorities say the state and private sector to supply oxygen with “speed and sensitivity.” He added that he is working with a company.

According to health experts, Delhi, like most of India, relaxed vigilance when the virus appeared to be controlled, reducing daily infections to less than 1,000 during the winter, so weddings and festivals. It has enabled large-scale gatherings such as.

By Rajendra Jadhav