Twitter account suspended for Arizona Senate audit


two twitter Account associated with Arizona Maricopa County Senate Audit 2020 elections Suspended due to violation of platform terms of use.

Accounts @ArizonaAudit and @AuditWarRoom were suspended on Tuesday. The account has been in operation since the audit began in late April. It’s not immediately clear who will run the profile.

According to Twitter, the account has been permanently suspended for violating platform rules regarding operations and spam. Buzzfeed.. The company didn’t say when the suspension came into effect, but it seems to have happened Tuesday afternoon.

The @ArizonaAudit account maintains nearly 100,000 followers until it is suspended, and despite the Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett refusing to reveal who ran it in the past, the election re-election. I explained that it is the official profile of the Senate liaison for aggregation.

Arizona Senate Audit Liaison Steps Down

Audit accounts that are currently suspended May post “Maricopa County has removed a directory full of election databases from the 2020 election cycle,” calling it “politicization of evidence.” The directory was later restored by the auditor.

Senator Arizona Karen Fan Released statement “It is imperative that auditers comply with the rule of not disclosing unconfirmed information,” he said on Tuesday. Her comments communicated to non-audit contacts about the number of ballot samples from the third recount of ballots in Maricopa County the day after Bennett confirmed with the media.

“It is irresponsible to disclose to the media, as partial information is not a” confirmed “fact until the end of the audit,” Huang said in a statement.

The @AuditWarRoom account, whose owner is unknown, has previously posted false information about the 2020 elections and has launched verbal attacks on Maricopa County officials and others. Deadly Of audit. Five more “warroom” accounts have been established on the platform, driving key audits in 2020. Fierce battle state.. They are all stopped by Twitter.

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