Twitter critics mock Trump’s mangle word salad at the Texas Rally

Former president Donald TrumpHis chopped “word salad” was an exceptional exhibit at his Texas Rally on Saturday, before he highlighted the possibilities. Rebel Amnesty If re-elected — and critics couldn’t say enough about it.

He complained about the memorable point of his lengthy speech.

Trump also said, “The shelves are empty“They can’t get paper, glue, or ink,” he published a vanity press book in the United States. Nevertheless, he urged:Go out and buy it.

He also Mexico was called “Mexelco” And the conservative “great historian” and “philosopher” Victor Davis Hanson (who wrote the $ 6.99 book “The Case of Donald Trump”) is called “Victor David Hanson”. is. He added, “Victor Davis Hanson, you know.”

At one point, Trump said before fading into lettuce: “This is incredible,” he added.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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