Twitter launches new subscription service in Australia and Canada

Twitter has announced that it will begin subscribing to the world’s first platform in Australia and Canada.

The social media giant, called Twitter Blue, said the new subscription model meets the needs of a large number of Twitter users with the ability to undo tweets and store and manage content.

“We often hear from Twitter users that they aren’t always building powerful features to meet their needs,” a social media company said in a statement. Blog update June 3rd.

The subscription costs $ 4.49 ($ 3.86) per month and offers three new features.

Cancel a tweet: The most exciting part of the new service is that users take 30 seconds before posting a tweet, reply, or thread to the timeline.[元に戻す]You can click the button. Not yet provided.

Reader mode: This mode provides the app with a “more beautiful” reading experience by converting long threads into readable text, which is a common writing method that exceeds the 280 word limit. This allows users to read all content seamlessly. ..

Bookmark folder: This feature makes it easier for users to save content and manage tweets they’ve saved in the past, allowing them to find content more efficiently when they need it.

Users of the new service will also benefit from several benefits, including customizable app icons on the home screen, fun color themes for the app, and access to dedicated subscription customer support faster than regular users.

Suzy Nicolette, managing director of Twitter Australia, told Twitter Space that the new product was first tried because Australia is flooded with enthusiastic social media users.

“As a market, we are enthusiastic social media users. Nearly 6 out of 10 people go online more than 10 times a day, so we know that people are really enthusiastic,” she says. Says.

“Australia is also mature and digitally savvy, so there are many launches here.”

Twitter has confirmed that the free version of the app has never gone out and “will never go out”.

“The offer of this subscription is simply intended to add enhanced complementary features to the existing Twitter experience for those who want it,” the company said.

Smita Gupta, Twitter’s senior product manager, told Nine News that the subscription service is currently in the “testing and learning” stage and there is no target number of users to move to the new service.

“There are no revenue prospects at this time. This is a long-term effort from the perspective of diversifying revenue streams and is still in its infancy,” she said.

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