Twitter Spaces update makes it easier for users to share and discover voice chat rooms



Twitter Spaces Launch againNew features make it easier for users to share and discover more interesting voice chat rooms. Now users can directly post links to voice chat rooms and tweets with hashtags in Spaces. Although in the past users can also post at the same time using the Spaces function, now the writing function is provided directly in Space, which makes it easier for participants to post tweets related to the voice chat room.


In addition, Twitter has added the “Guest Management” control option to the iOS version, which makes it easier for the chat host to see the participants in the voice chat room and know who wants to speak more clearly. Finally, the company added a search function to Spaces. Now Spaces users can directly enter the name of the voice chat room or the name of the host to search for the room, instead of a list that only displays all active voice chat rooms. Unfortunately, there is no news about when Twitter will let more users use the Spaces function.

After the emergence of Clubhouse as a competitor, Twitter has been steadily updating the Spaces function, and they have recently launchedWeb versionSpaces, also began experimenting with new features to host the saleTickets for voice chat rooms.