Twitter Suspends Senator Steve Danes’ Account

Twitter has suspended the account of Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Republican campaign division.

Daines’ @SteveDaines account was not displayed His profile and background photos on Tuesday morning, as well as numerous posts dating back to last Friday, carry the statement, “@SteveDaines’ account is temporarily unavailable for violating Twitter’s media policies.” was shown.

The statement is also linked Twitter’s Sensitive Media PolicyIn particular, users point out that graphic media and adult content cannot be published in banner images, profile headers, etc.

National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC), Reporter Tweetwhich claimed Daines was suspended from his account because he and his wife were shown hunting in his profile header.The Hill reached out to Twitter for comment.

“This is insane. Twitter needs to reverse this suspension immediately,” NRSC spokesman Philip Letsou said in a statement.

Other Republicans took to Twitter to support Danes and defend Republicans in Montana.

“This is the family photo I got @Steve Danes Put in Twitter jail. Stop censoring the Montana way of life! Great shot, Cindy!” murmured Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) included a photo of Daines and his wife hunting.

“Twitter suspended Sen for absurdity. @Steve Danes Because his profile picture is of him and his wife hunting… what a disgrace! said Donald Trump Jr. Post on Twitter.

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