Twitter users spit out Trump’s “truth” after news about his imminent app launch

Reportedly, the launch of “Truth Social” is imminent, and the commentary on Twitter is already hot.

Former president Donald TrumpSocial media apps will be released on Apple’s App Store on Monday. According to ReutersReportedly accessed a test version of the app this week.

Trump has been banned from Twitter and other mainstream social media sites for over a year, Sue the company Together with Facebook and Google, he accused them of censorship and claimed they violated his First Amendment rights. He was banned after violating each company’s user policy in his inflammatory rhetoric about the January 6, 2021 parliamentary attack.

He launched a blog last year to try to regain his online presence. I was put in a tank a month later..

He’s currently trying to rival Twitter with his new service, casting it as an alternative to advocating for freedom of speech, but some critics have already predicted it. Destined to fail Like many other Trump brand ventures before that.

Last week, Donald Trump Jr. said he I went to twitter Wherever you promote and adopt Truth Social

Already, the app has been criticized for being similar to Twitter. Technical experts have also highlighted a number of key security issues throughout the testing phase. The Daily Dot reporter reportedly To secure the same handle as Trump in the company’s internal beta system.

Some users who pre-ordered the app said it was available on the Apple App Store at the end of Sunday. Reported problem Create an account.

Right-wing Trump allies such as Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican), Madison Corthorn (Republican), and Arizona MP Wendy Rogers praised the release of the app on Sunday and said they had already registered their profiles. Tweeted.

Trump critics rounded up some of their own “truth” and predicted how the venture would run.

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