Two agents imprisoned for shooting a man in Louisiana

New Orleans (AP) —Two Louisiana Sheriffs are manslaughtered last week in connection with the shooting of an unarmed man during a tense conflict near New Orleans. Was asked.

Deputy Isaac Hughes (29) and Jonathan Lewis (35) told the press on Sunday when Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto fired at Daniel Vallee, who was sitting in an SUV on February 16. He said he believed he was afraid of his life. Investigators have decided that the two should face manslaughter. He said the two had cooperated in the investigation, withdrew and were imprisoned. Both were dismissed from the sheriff’s department.

Lopinto said the two were among the officers responding to noise complaints outside the known crack house in the Marello community when they encountered Vallee sitting in an SUV. Vallee repeatedly refused to get out of the car.

“They asked him. They begged him. They threatened him and tried to get him out,” Lopinto told reporters on Sunday night.

At some point, Vallee turned off the vehicle’s engine when police officers tried to get him out of the car, according to Lopinto. When Vallee turned the engine back on, “at that point many of my agents pulled the weapon.”

When Vallee turned on the engine, one of the agents was in front of the vehicle and the other was next to him. According to Lopinto, the shooting began shortly after Vallee dropped his hands on the wheel and honked his horn.

According to Lopinto, an agent responded to the sound of the horn with a gunshot. “The second lieutenant then fired his weapon in response to the shooting,” Lopinto said.

The indictment decision was made after interviews with all agents involved in the body camera video review.

“Unfortunately, the use of force in this situation was not justified, as long as I hope I can protect them,” Lopinto said.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Hughes has been employed by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office since 2013. Louis, since 2020.

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