Two arrested after a rabbi attacked near the London synagogue

British police arrested two people on Monday in connection with an attack on a rabbi near a synagogue in northern London.

Rabbi Rafi Goodwin was treated at a head injury hospital on May 16 after being beaten on Rhymes Avenue in northern London shortly after 12.15 GMT.

Two men, 18 and 25, from Ilford in northeast London were arrested Monday afternoon on suspicion of intentionally causing serious physical harm, Essex Police Said..

According to previous police statementIt is believed that the two attackers went out in front of the car while the victim was driving, yelled at him, derogatoryly talked about his religion, and then damaged his car. Was there.

When he got out of the car and confronted them, he was attacked by an unknown object and his phone was stolen. The attacker then left the scene on foot.

Police said police were talking to members of the local Jewish community celebrating Shavuot in Chigwell, Essex and Southend.

Keishisei Stuart Hooper said: “This is a very important time. It’s time for the community to get together, be around each other and celebrate. I don’t want anyone to feel that it can’t be done safely.

“The officers spent the day talking to the Jewish community to provide peace of mind.

He suggested that police did not believe the attack was related to the anti-Israeli protests that took place over the weekend.

“At this point, I don’t think the incident is related to what happened abroad or elsewhere in the country,” he said.

In another development, the Metropolitan Police Department found four men arrested on Sunday for anti-Semitic abuse. Released on bail..

A video A post on Twitter on Sunday showed that the car was moving down the street with the Palestinian flag.[Expletive] Jew, [expletive] Their mother, [expletive] “Their daughters” and “Rape their daughters” were heard through the speakers.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art tracked one of the cars after receiving a report of the incident. Police helicopters were deployed, police stopped the car, and arrested a man on suspicion of racially deteriorating public order and morals.

The case was blamed by British politicians throughout the political spectrum.Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: twitter: “There is no place for anti-Semitism in our society. Before Shavuot, I stand by the British Jews who do not have to endure the shameful racism we saw today.”

Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer Said The behavior was “totally disgusting.”

Lily Zhou and PA contributed to this report.