Two boats involved in a crash on Lake Murray on Saturday night

Two boats collided with Lake Murray late Saturday night, injuring three people, according to state wildlife authorities.

A collision between the two boats occurred near Buffalo Creek Marina on Saturday at about 10:15 pm, according to South Carolina Natural Resources Department spokesman David Lucas. It is on the west side of Lake Murray. The marina is in prosperity.

A spokeswoman said three people were injured in the incident. The two were taken to a hospital in Richland County and the third to a hospital in Newbury. The injury does not seem to be serious.

Only one ticket was issued in this case. The name of the indicted person was not disclosed until the final boat accident report was completed.

Lucas said the Department of Natural Resources maintained a strong presence on Lake Murray on Memorial Day weekend, with many police officers responding to the wreck of the boat on Saturday.

The Saturday night incident was the second boat accident that made headlines on a holiday weekend.

Five people were injured and two were seriously injured on Friday night. After two boats were wrecked It is near Susie Ebert Island, on the Richland County side of Lake Murray, just off Ballentine and White Rock, near Johnson Marina Road and Marina Road.

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