Two brothers charged with deadly shooting by Chicago police officer at a transportation stop


Chicago – Two brothers have been charged Saturday shooting As a result, one police officer was killed and the other was seriously injured.

According to a statement from Cook County’s law firm, 21-year-old Emonte Morgan was charged with one murder in a shooting by 29-year-old Ella French officer, along with attempted murder and other charges. Eric Morgan, 22, faces allegations, including exacerbation of the illegal use of weapons. Both men were scheduled to appear at a bail hearing on Tuesday.

The incident began as a regular traffic outage before the man began shooting police officers, Chicago Police Department police officer David Brown said at a press conference on Sunday. According to Mr Brown, police officers attacked one of the hospitalized and stable cars and set the fire back.

According to officials, the shooting severely injured a French partner. Chicago police tweeted Sunday sought prayer while he remained in the hospital “fighting for his life.”

“This is another example of how the Chicago Police Department and these cops live (at risk) their lives … to protect the city every day,” said First Deputy Police. Said Eric Carter.

Chicago Mayor Lori Wrightfoot said he spent time with the family of the murdered police officer. She described a French police officer as “the work is very young, but incredibly enthusiastic.”

“Our heart suffers from loss of life,” Lightfoot said on Sunday. “Today is a very tragic and sad day for our city.”

The French were the first female police officers to be shot dead on duty since Irma Ruiz, who was killed in elementary school in 1988.

The last Chicago police officer shot dead during the mission was 28-year-old Samuel Jimenez. He was killed in response to a shooting at the hospital on November 19, 2018.

On December 17, 2018, two police officers, Conrad Gary and Eduardo Marmolejo, were killed in a train attack while pursuing the suspect.

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