Two brothers were arrested.A corpse buried in a garden in Illinois was found


Lions, Illinois (AP) —Police found two containers on Saturday in a backyard outside Chicago a few days after a man told investigators: The bodies of his mother and sister were buried there years ago.

A man and his brother were also arrested, although no charges were filed while police were trying to identify the body, according to Lions police chief Tom Herrion.

An autopsy was planned. Helion called it a “sad situation.”

The investigation began at his home in Lyon, 12 miles (19 km) southwest of Chicago, after a police officer was called to perform a medical examination on Thursday. Officers found that the house was filled with debris and dung and there was no running water. The two brothers lived there.

According to Helion, one brother revealed that his mother in her 70s died in 2015 after her sister went down the stairs. The man said his sister died in 2019 after illness.

Helion quoted his brother as saying that the body was buried in the garden for financial reasons. There are no records of female deaths in the state.

The brothers were staying at the hotel while police were working at the accommodation on Friday. During the excavation, and before being arrested, they were sitting in chairs under a tree under the street, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.