Two children’s bodies pulled from a Florida condo collapse rubble

Approximately a week after the collapse of a surfside condominium in Florida, rescue teams found the bodies of two young children, killing 18 people. ..

As the search for 145 people, which has not yet been explained, continues, the residents who escaped the collapse share a chilling story.

Reisa Rodriguez left a voicemail on her brother’s phone as she left the building. “Who is there? Hello?” She said. “What a hell! The whole building is gone!”

Iliana Monteagudo said a loud noise awakened her from sleep. She started running after seeing a crack in the wall of the living room. “I start getting off fast and I hear cracks, cracks, cracks,” she said.

Her neighbor, Sarah Nil, lived on the ground floor and went out after hearing a loud noise. At that time, she saw the underground parking lot of the building collapse.

“We ran out of buildings,” she said. “And again a big boom. Then I couldn’t see anything. After the big boom, white clouds suddenly became quiet everywhere.”

Over 200 rescue workers are looking for a pile of rubble. Overnight crew discovered a new tunnel under the rubble. 4 more bodies found..

Colonel Ellad Edri, who is assisting the search with the Israeli team, said he “believes unlikely” to find living people. “We don’t hide it from our families. We believe we can find life and want to get it.”

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will visit the scene on Thursday.

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