Two former police officers who used taser guns more than 50 times on a man convicted of murder

Two former Oklahoma police officers who used taser guns more than 50 times on an unarmed man who died later were convicted of their second murder. New York Times Reported on Monday.

Important reason: The death of Jared Lakey, 28, from a heart attack after his arrest in July 2019 brought to the fore the police problem with stun guns. “NYT is careful.

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  • That is another example Excessive force is used According to the NYT, police claimed prosecutors that “in Oklahoma, police officers can only use as much force as” reasonably necessary under the circumstances. “

  • According to the NYT, police were instructed to limit the use of taser guns to 15 seconds, prosecutors said. Lakey’s exposure exceeded 3 minutes.

detail: Brandon Dinman and Joshua Taylor, who were serving police officers in Wilson, Oklahoma at the time, responded to a call to “including the chaotic behavior of Lakey.” Oklahoma State University statement.

  • The bureau said the pair repeatedly used the taser when Lakey did not obey. Lakey was hospitalized and died in custody two days later.

  • The Supreme Coroner’s Oklahoma office has determined that his death was due to a complication of a heart attack. Daily Ard Morite..

caution: A jury in Carter County also admitted on Friday that Dinman and Taylor were found guilty of assault and assault with dangerous weapons, according to the New York Times.

What’s next: The sentence is scheduled for December 2nd.

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