Two Kansas women arrested in a deadly parliamentary riot expected a peaceful protest in support of Trump

Two Kansas women who said they traveled to the capital on January 6 for a peaceful protest in support of Donald Trump were associated with a deadly riot following a speech and tweet by the former president. I was arrested.

Both Jennifer Ruth Parks and Esther Schwemer were arrested on Friday, according to records in the Kansas District Court. Their Kansas proceedings show that they will be transferred to the US District Court in Washington, DC.

Federal court records The case involving the woman’s case from the District of Columbia remained sealed as of Sunday. However, The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a statement of complaints and facts In the case of Miller, the details of the allegations against both women are shown.

Records show that the women traveled together to Washington, DC and admitted to entering the Capitol building. Miller was charged with two counts of deliberately invading or staying in a restricted building without legal authority, and one count of violent intrusions and chaotic acts on the premises of the Capitol. The charges against Schwemmer have not been published.

The FBI interviewed friends Parkes and Schwemer on January 17th.

“The park believed she was attending a peaceful rally in support of President Donald Trump,” the FBI agent wrote.

Trump called on his supporters to come to the capital on January 6, where he spoke during the “March to Save America.”The Capitol storm occurred about two hours after the president’s speech, during which he used the words some people insisted. Accepted violence To stop Congress from proving the victory of President Joe Biden.

Trump was later impeached by a Democratic-led house Not guilty of Republican-led Senate For the incitement of riots.

At least seven Kansans are currently arrested in connection with an attack that took place during a joint session of Congress to prove the number of votes cast by the Electoral College in the 2020 presidential election. Proceedings in both the House of Representatives and the Senate were interrupted as rioters broke into the Houses of Parliament, destroyed property, and assaulted police officers along the way. 5 people died, Including police officers.

The FBI was informed on January 11th that Parks had joined the “DC Mob.” The tipster shared a text message allegedly sent by Parks’ daughter.

“I’m very depressed about all the cheating in this election,” the text read. “Mom and her friend went to Washington in March. I wish I could go too. LOL.”

“We all have to overcome the wall,” another text read. “They pushed us too much.”

The allegations of fraudulent voting that prevailed during the 2020 presidential election turned out to be false. Reuters report A federal judge dismissed more than 50 proceedings by Trump and his allies disagreeing with the election or its consequences, and US election security officials said the election was “the safest in American history.”

The FBI used photos of friends provided by one of the women to show what they were wearing and found additional images and videos from security footage and police body cameras. According to agents, Schwemer wore the Trump 2020 flag and the Make America Great Again beanie hat.

Schwemer told the FBI that she and Parks were eating when they saw people rushing to the Capitol building. She said she climbed a tree to take a picture of the crowd because police officers told her not to climb the barrier. Members of the crowd proposed a peaceful protest in front of the Capitol.

“Schwemer claimed that she and Parks walked in front of the Capitol, did not encounter barricades, and police officers did not tell them to stop,” the FBI wrote. “Schwemer saw the open door to the US Capitol and entered with the park.”

The park said they came across a group of people praying and singing as they entered the building after the door broke. She sang the American national anthem.

Schwemer described the building as “dirty and stinking.”

Schwemer said he had seen the police, but no one tried to stop them from walking until one police officer told them to leave. The park said she tried to leave through the front door, but police instructed her to leave the hallway.

Parks mobile phones have a 913 area code for the Kansas City area, but the document does not say where the woman came from in Kansas.

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