Two long-time conservative Fox News commentators resign from Tucker Carlson January 6 series

Two Fox News contributors announced on Sunday that they have resigned from the network due to a special by host Tucker Carlson. January 6 Capitol Riot..

Important reason: Steven Hayes and Jonah Goldberg have been on Fox News on a regular basis since 2009. Their conservative brand has become “obsolete” in it. Former President Trump’s Grip Republican, New York TimesFirst reported on his resignation.

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News promotion: Hayes and Goldberg Dispatch The three-part series on Carlson’s Rebellion, entitled “Patriot Purge,” plots an inconsistent plot full of factual inaccuracies, half-truth, deceptive images, and terrible omissions. Represented the “Teta Collection”.

  • This included the false belief that the U.S. government was “targeting patriotic Americans in the same way it targeted al-Qaeda, using the same tools,” they said. Added to the site co-founded with.

  • “This isn’t happening, and I think it’s dangerous to pretend it’s happening,” Hayes and Goldberg wrote. “If someone with such a platform shares such false information loud enough and long enough, there are Americans who believe it and act on it.”

“In the last five years, some of Fox’s top opinion hosts have amplified Donald Trump’s false claims and strange stories, and provided something unique in his service. In this sense, Patriot Purge It wasn’t an isolated case, it was just the worst example of a long-standing trend. Patriot Purge Not only common sense, but also the testimonies and record statements of many participants, as well as the reports of the news department of Fox News itself, create an alternate history of January 6th. “”

Hayes and Goldberg

Yes, but: Hayes and Goldberg emphasized that Fox’s news side “does what it’s supposed to do on a daily basis: it reports the truth.”

Opposite side: Fox News spokesperson Irena Briganti declined to comment on his resignation, but “sent data showing that independents are looking at Fox,” the New York Times said.

Dig deeper: Rupert Murdoch criticizes Trump for remaining “focused on the past.”

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