Two men in South Florida faced life imprisonment after pleading guilty to the murder of a plumber.

Two men in South Florida were called to their Miami Lakes home at the scene of the robbery and subsequently pleaded guilty to killing a plumber who was shot dead during a struggle in a fugitive, according to federal officials.

Shooter Jamal Lamar Head and accomplice Keon Trabby Granton, Indicted for robbery, kidnapping, and murder of a plumber, Leicester Hernandez, 37, died on July 12, 2018. A Miami-Dade man faces life imprisonment in a federal court sentenced this summer.

Head targeted plumbers in three South Florida homes (Miami Gardens, Riviera Beach, and Miami Lakes) from July 9-12, 2018, according to a factual statement filed in a judicial transaction3. Involved in two robbery plans. Miami Lakes robbery.

Here’s how the fatal incident unfolded: Granton contacted the plumber and scheduled a service call at a vacant house in the Miami Lakes. According to court records, when plumber Hernandez arrived in the van, he faced Granton and Head. They drove him behind Volkswagen, which Head had borrowed. The head drove the car away, and Granton chased the plumber’s van.

According to a statement of facts, his head was involved in a struggle with a plumber in the car. The head then shot Hernandez once in the head and twice in the abdomen and chest, killing him. My head hit a tree with a rental car and I was injured. The incident took place on Northwest 89th Avenue near Northwest 146th Avenue.

Head escaped from the scene and called Granton. Granton returned to the plumber’s van area to pick him up, the statement said. Head and Granton drove to another area of ​​Miami, where they lit a plumber’s van with petrol.

Murder cases are usually brought to state court. However, the US federal prosecutor’s office has charged the case with Hobbs Act armed robbery (which affects commerce) and several other violent crimes.

Crimes convicted by Granton and Head include the Hobbs Act robbery collusion, deadly carjacking, and the firing of guns to encourage violent crimes. The crime could have been the death penalty, but prosecutors chose not to pursue the course and instead reached a judicial deal on the possibility of life imprisonment.

Granton, 35, will be found guilty on Friday and will be convicted by Judge Roy Altman of the US District Court on August 25. Head pleaded guilty last month and will face a sentence on July 20.

The case, charged by US Federal Attorneys Daniel J. Marsett and Jessica Khan Obenauf, was investigated by the Miami-Dade Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.