Two men who sprayed police with pepper in a parliamentary riot last year cried because the judge sentenced them to more than three years in prison.


Cody Mathis spraying chemicals in the riots of the Capitol last year.

Cody Mathis spraying chemicals in the riots of the Capitol last year.DOJ

  • Two men from New York have been sentenced to 44 months in prison for being involved in a parliamentary riot.

  • Cody Mathis, 29, and James Mote, 30, pleaded guilty to assaulting police officers in a riot.

  • The two men cried when the judge sentenced them to their punishment on Friday.

Two men in New York cried when a judge who participated in the New York State Legislature riot last year reported prison time.

According to Cody Mathis, 29, and James Mote, 30, were sentenced to 44 months in prison on Friday. record from Ministry of Justice. In April, the two pleaded guilty to assaulting law enforcement officers during the riots of the Capitol, which was the release of the Justice Ministry. To tell..

After defeating the Capitol, Mathis “reached another mob and grabbed a small object that looked like a canister,” the release said. “Then he sprayed the police officer with a chemical spray.”

“Mault got a second canister from the crowd and offered it to another mob,” the release said.

During the riots, Mathis videotaped himself and Mote. In one of the videos, according to the release, when Mathis is heading to the Capitol, he can be heard saying, “It’s about to go crazy.”

Both Mattice and Fault were sentenced in front of the judge on Friday. According to the Washington Post, the two cried and sought generosity from US District Court Secretary Beryl A. Howell. They kept crying as Howell endorsed their prison time.

“They weren’t patriots on January 6, and no one who broke police boundaries and stopped the democratic process was patriots that day,” Howell said.

Parliamentary riots left five people, including one Police officer, death. Members of the Proud Boys, classified as a hatred group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, were also present.

The organizer Boldly Despite Joe Biden’s election victory, former President Donald Trump urged him to protest the outcome of the 2020 election.Trump supporters are meeting while Congressmen meet within the Capitol to prove the results and confirm Biden’s election victory. Attempted coup And it attacked the Parliament building.

After a riot, a riotist Scramble to remove Photos and social media posts proving participation in the Capitol riots. Some have broken mobile phones, scrubbed social media accounts, and tried to wipe hard drives that may contain photos and other evidence of involvement.

But others Brag about their involvementIt makes it easier for the FBI to identify them and prosecute them later. So far, more than 876 people have been charged in connection with the riots. According to the insider database..

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