Two obstacles to moving the Atlantic Ocean.I was able to reach the southeast coast

According to the National Hurricane Center, the southeastern coast may see gusts of weather early next week if the offshore disturbances continue on a westward route.

The Hurricane Center is tracking two Atlantic disturbances. Neither is likely to be strengthened immediately.

Closer to the United States was about 600 miles east-southeast of Georgia at 8 am Sunday, heading west at 15 mph.

However, forecasters said that surface valleys that interact with upper cyclones have some barriers to their previous formation, such as dry air and unfavorable high winds. They gave a 20% chance of being fortified by a tropical cyclone in the next few days.

Another disturbance was a tropical cyclone off the coast of Africa, more than 600 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands at the time of the morning update. It was booked west at 20 mph, and the forecaster said, “some slow development of this system is possible.”

They were formed with a 20% chance in the next two days and a 30% chance in the next five days, a slight increase from Saturday’s numbers.

Andy Hazelton, Assistant Scientist at the University of Miami and NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, Tweeted Dry air to the south and unfavorable sea surface temperatures to the north pushed the system into narrow streets.

NOAA predicts a vigorous storm season with 13 to 20 named storms this year as well. So far, three people have been formed and the next name on the list is Danny.

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