Two passengers sue United Airlines for engine explosion

Denver (AP) —Two passengers on a United Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after one of the engines exploded and sent rainy debris to the vicinity of Colorado.

In another proceeding in United-based Chicago, Joseph McGinley of Honolulu and Jonathan Strone of Sioux City, Iowa were personally and emotionally after the Boeing 777 engine broke down on February 20. Said that he suffered financial injuries.

United refused to comment on the proceedings, spokesman Leslie Scott said.

A video posted on Twitter showed that the engine was on fire after the plane took off from Denver. Passengers heading to Honolulu said they were worried that the plane would crash after the explosion and flash.

No in-flight or ground injuries have been reported.

“Imagine a passenger looking out the window of an airplane and seeing the engine burning out of control. The horror you experience will last a lifetime,” said Chicago lawyer Robert A. Clifford. Said in the announcement of the proceedings.

His company also represents a family of 72 passengers who died when the Boeing 737 MAX crashed in Ethiopia in 2019.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating United Airlines engine failures, but microscopic examinations say it supports early suspicion that fan blades snapped into the engine due to wear.

The proceedings state that passengers, along with other costs and damages, are seeking a ruling that exceeds the $ 50,000 limit.