Two people are buried on the runway of a U.S. airport where hundreds of planes land every day, many do not know

Tomb at Savannah Airport
The tombs of Daniel Houston and John Dodson are on the side of the runway at Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia. Courtesy of Savannah Airport
  • When Georgia Airport expanded the runway during World War II, it paved the family’s burial ground.

  • The offspring of the family allowed all but four of the 100 tombs to move.

  • Two tombs remain at the ends of runways 10 and 28, but two more are offset sideways.

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Runway 10 at Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia may not be Especially difficult or scary landing, It involves landing near a pair of tombs.

The international airport was built on the former farmland, according to it. website..

According to the airport website, when the Savannah Airport needed to be expanded during World War II, the land contained a burial site belonging to the Dodson family. It was estimated that there were about 100 tombs, including slaves.

Tomb at Savannah Airport

According to the report, the removal of the tomb was hit by resistance from the descendants of the Dodson family. Status, A newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina. Eventually, all but four tombs were moved to the media outlet, the Bona Venture Cemetery. Widely open country Reported in 2019.

According to the state, the Dotson family insisted on keeping the patriarch and patriarch in their original burial ground, believing that their ancestors did not want to abandon the land they worked to cultivate.

The tombs of the peasants Richard and Catherine Dotson, who originally owned the land and died in 1884 and 1877, are on the ends of runways 10 and 28. The marker on Richard’s grave says “resting.” Rest. “

According to the airport’s website, there are two more tombs of Dodson’s relatives, and the tombs of Daniel Houston and John Dodson near the brush near the airport’s most active runway.

Tomb at Savannah Airport

According to the airport website, these tombs are “the only ones in the world embedded in an active 9,350-foot runway.”

According to the state, regional airline captain Lisa Rudi told the website All Things Aero, “If you land shortly after sunset, two people will appear on the north side of the runway. There are. “

According to the state, families are allowed to visit with airport escorts, but not to leave flowers. After all, it’s an active runway.

The airport did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

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