Two people were killed in a plane crash in Cancun after revealing that the gender party had failed badly

Gender show party

Gender parties are all the rage, but sometimes they’re terribly wrong. Stock Images / Getty Images

  • Two people were killed in Cancun, Mexico, after a plane used for a gender party revealed a stunt crash.

  • The plane passed by and was intended to display a banner revealing that the couple had a girl.

  • I heard a scream when the plane went out of control and jumped into the sea.

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Two people died in a plane crash after the gender party was terribly wrong.

The victim was on an aircraft intended to fly over a boat in Cancun, hoisting a flag telling his future parents that he was giving birth to a baby girl.

But when the plane swirled in the air and jumped into the sea, the stunned guest shouted in horror.

according to American sunAround 3:30 pm on Tuesday, when a Cessna 206 borrowed from a company called Xomex was due to fly over them, the hopeful parents and their family and friends gathered on a boat in the Nichupte Lagoon.

Insiders are asking Xomex for comment.

In the video posted by the sun, you can hear the onlookers happily yelling, “You’re a girl!” -Before the plane plunges into the lagoon.

Cancun Media Outlet La Prensa Latino When the plane got off, he reported that four people were on board. After that, emergency response personnel in southeastern Quintana Roo responded to calls for help.

Francisco Fernandez Milan, chairman of the Quintanaro Maritime Association, said the rescue team tried to rescue passengers, but one died while receiving first aid and the other died while the rescue was in progress. I told Prensa Latino.

TheĀ· New York post The Federal Office of Civil Aviation has begun investigating a strange tragedy and said it has determined the cause of the crash.

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