Two people were killed in the pursuit of W Houston, resulting in a fierce clash

The agent says the red Camaro driver was driving 100 mph without headlights before colliding with an innocent man in a truck.

Video transcript

Western news. A few minutes ago, our newsroom confirmed that two people were killed in the chase that ended in a violent clash on West Beltway Feeder Road. And now all traffic is blocked by clay roads. So our reporter, Courtney Fisher, has just arrived at the scene. And she lives with what we know so far. Courtney.

Courtney Fisher: Yes, Tom, two people were killed in two separate cars. We know that it happened at the end of the chase involving members of District 5. I know it’s hard to see. But it’s on the corner of the Beltway 8 Northbound Feeder. Wait for the cicadas to pass. And that’s exactly what Clay Road is all about.

In other words, you can see that one car-the back is completely cut. Other cars are just below the feeder. And again, one of each car was killed in this violent collision.

I would like to show you the jam cam video we have. This was probably 20 or 30 minutes ago. Immediately after the crash, one of the cars sees a huge, huge swirling cloud of smoke.

Now, for the two killed, we don’t know the drivers who were actually involved in this pursuit with the authorities. One is the innocent driver who was killed, and the other is believed to have been involved again. Its tracking. Obviously, the police are quite far away from us while investigating the scene. It’s a pretty big scene.

We will let you know the details as soon as they are available. However, the incident killed two people in two separate cars. For now, live reports, Courtney Fischer, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.

All right. Thank you, Courtney. And-