Two politicians claim to be in charge of Haiti.Now there are three

Until Friday, each of Haiti’s top two politicians claimed to be a legitimate leader in managing the country in the aftermath of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

A third man entered the photo on Friday night. Joseph Lambert, the remaining head of the Senate, said he was elected interim president of the Republic of Haiti by his fellow senators.

The vote among the 10 senators remaining in the 30-member room was 8-0 with two abstentions “just because they weren’t in the country,” Lambert told the Miami Herald. ..

The Chamber of Commerce is the only constitutional part of the government left in Haiti. Moise was killed at his home on a hill above Petion-Ville on Wednesday midnight. Since then, resigned Prime Minister Claude Joseph has been in charge. Neurosurgeon Moïse has nominated the new prime minister, but Ariel Henry, who has not been sworn in, insisted that he should run the country.

The assassination has already put Haiti in an uncertain state, recovering from a constitutional and political crisis. With the majority of parliamentarians and all other elected civil servants ending their terms in January 2020, there are only 10 elected civil servants left.

The Senate vote was supported by several political parties in the country, with Lambert as interim president and Henry as prime minister.

All Haiti politicians agree that Moise’s death is an exceptional situation, but disagree with the future direction. Behind the scenes, many powerful players are assigned to take charge of themselves. The struggle has made the international community worried and afraid of more turmoil.

“We are facing a very difficult situation in Haiti right now,” Haiti’s Special Representative of the UN, Helen La Lime, after giving a private explanation to the UN Security Council. Said this week. “We continue to encourage stakeholders in all countries to continue to unite. Our message is that stakeholders set aside their differences and set a common path, this difficult It means that we need to overcome the moment peacefully. “

So far, the country has maintained peace, but political controversy continues.

Andre Michelle, leader of the opposition coalition in the democratic and popular sector, said that what was needed was a “widely coordinated national solution” and “more than anything else, it was made to order, not taking into account popular demands.” It is not a “non-comprehensive solution”.

“We are not the signatories of this agreement,” he said of the proposal to have Lambert as interim president with Henry as prime minister. “The consensus that created this agreement is too weak to bear fruit.”

Once the most powerful political party in the country, Fanmi Lavara also opposes making Lambert president.

But just because the party refused to support Lambert Henry’s leadership does not mean that he is supporting Joseph, acting prime minister, who declared Haiti under martial law after the president’s death.

“Why do you need a president? We need to innovate the tropical tragedy and turn the people of Haiti into a dignified opportunity,” said Van Mi, a longtime politician founded by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.・ Leslie Voltaire, a member of Lavalas, said. “Rather, I would like to see the state legislature represented by the diaspora’s prominent Haitians, communities and activities (health, education, private sector, environment, human rights) with coordinators.”

Other prominent Haitians are divided into those who support Joseph and those who support the solution that none of the people who claim the cloak of power are responsible.

“Senator Lambert has no provisional or constitutional authority to run Haiti,” said Gary Bodeau, a former president of the House of Representatives who supports Joseph. “One-third of the Senate cannot replace Moïse.”

Haiti’s Constitution does not provide for a scenario in which the president has died and there are only 10 civil servants elected nationwide.

Recognizing that the president could die or lose his job, the constitution was amended after the 2010 catastrophic earthquake and there were vacancies in the last two years of the five presidents. If so, he said the parliament would intervene. -Term of office.

However, there is currently no Diet.

Lambert argues that his choice does not complicate the matter.

“I was unanimously chosen,” he said. “It does not add to the conflict. There are vacancies, political power and class, [Organization of American States], The United Nations … believes that dialogue with political parties is needed to stabilize the country. “

However, these international organizations are not necessarily fans of veteran politicians.

After Moise’s death, both the United Nations and the United States have quickly shown support for Joseph. It ranked other Haiti politicians who said neither the United Nations nor the United States respected Haiti’s law. They fear that politicians like Lambert will want to seize power rather than prepare the country for elections.

Lambert said it wasn’t his intention.

“The Senate voting resolution is clear,” he said. “I am the interim president until the next parliament occupies a seat in January 2022.”

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